The way to a beautiful complexion according to Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? Yes, we know the secret

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Wherever she appears, she outshines everyone with her beauty. But like some of us, a model can’t always boast of a perfect complexion. She often struggles with skin imperfections such as rashes and acne. Still, she tries her best to take care of her skin and willingly shares her ways with her fans.

When at home, surrounded by her family, Rosie doesn’t wear makeup at all, she lets her skin breathe. The first thing she does after returning from a photo shoot is to make sure her makeup is thoroughly removed and her face is clean. Waterproof cosmetics are washed off with micellar water with coconut oil.

She leaves the rest of her skin care for the evening. Just before going to bed the model starts the whole process by applying an eye cream. In this way she protects the delicate eye area from the effect of a stronger cream or serum with active ingredients, which can cause irritation. The next step is to massage the facial skin with a micro-needle mesotherapy roller. Particular attention is paid to face contour and forehead, where the first wrinkles may appear.

On so prepared skin she applies serum with retinol. As she emphasizes, the use of retinol should be gradual. If you immediately start using cosmetics with retinol every day, it may lead to dry skin. Retinol works well on hyperpigmentation, eliminating it. Similarly, it lightens the remaining scars after acne. The next product used on the face is a serum with glycolic, leaving the skin smooth and radiant.

You should also remember about your lips and hands, night is a good time to use intensive moisturizing products if you do not like their slightly aggravating effect during the day. It is worth taking care of especially in winter

One of Rosie’s last steps is to oil the ends of her hair to prevent nighttime damage and to keep it bouncy and shiny for the next day. She finishes the whole ritual by using a body lotion. If you want to be inspired by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley’s evening routine, you can use a touch of your favorite light and fresh perfume to make its scent make you fall asleep wrapped in luxury.

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Main photo: David M. Benett/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Getty Images

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