Do you have thin hair? These are ways to make your hair look better

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Taking care of thin and sparse hair can be a challenge. However, there are many things, which may help you achieve a beautiful hairstyle. What is the best hair care product for thin hair? We tell you how!

All hair needs special care, either specific treatments or cosmetics, in order to be properly conditioned. We tell you how to care for your thin hair so that it looks healthy and beautiful

What Treatments and Cosmetics to Use

Cleansing the Scalp

In order to grow thicker and more abundant hair, it is very important to cleanse your scalp properly. You can do this once a week or every three to four washes. How do you do it? The best way is the two-step method. First you need to moisturize your hair and apply an aloe vera gel for example. Then shampoo your hair and use a scalp scrub. Why is a scalp scrub so necessary? Scalp scrubs get rid of the sebum layer, which blocks new hair growth. Scubble is applied by massaging the scrub into your scalp after shampooing. Mechanical exfoliation is best for this purpose and natural clays are particularly effective.

Hair Scrubs

A great solution for owners of thin hair are hair rubs. They make new hairs, the so-called baby hairs, appear. Hair growth products work best for you, but avoid those that are alcohol-based or have ingredients like chilli or ginger, as the skin that produces thin hair is usually delicate and prone to irritation. To use a rub properly, simply apply a few milliliters of the product to your scalp and distribute it evenly, massaging gently.

Cosmetics Worth Using

Some cosmetics may be too heavy for fine hair. Look for cosmetics with potato starch, avocado, starch or wheat protein in them if you want to benefit your hair. In your search for the perfect shampoo, an online hairdressing wholesale store will certainly help you.

What you should avoid

Full-length Conditioning

Hair can look and feel thin when conditioner is applied incorrectly. It is best to apply conditioner from the mid-lengths down, on lightly towel-dried hair. This will do your hair a world of good and prevent it from looking “limp”.

The Wrong Shampoo

With fine hair, it’s best to avoid thick, non-foaming shampoos. Your hair will therefore not like products that contain alcohol, silicones, artificial detergents and preservatives. You should also avoid cosmetics that contain fatty substances.

Alternative Methods

If you are looking for an attractive hair style you may also decide on alternative methods, for example, the very popular natural hair wigs. With these, you can change your hair whenever you want without having to drastically cut or color it. Professional hair extensions are also a good way to thicken your hair, but you have to keep in mind that this involves considerable costs.

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