How should you wash your hair with conditioner? Here are some suggestions

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Hair care includes regular shampooing and not just shampooing. Conditioning hair is also good for your hair. How should you wash your hair with conditioner? We give you a hint!

Do you usually apply conditioner after shampooing? This is quite normal, and this is what most of us do. But few people know that you can also wash your hair with conditioner alone. This is actually a very good way to regenerate and strengthen hair. This “nourishing treatment” is especially recommended for people with frizzy, fly-away or dry hair that has been damaged by various styling treatments. Conditioner is a great cosmetic product, also protecting our hair from the drying effect of some (poor quality) shampoos. Some people use shampoo and conditioner interchangeably, but we recommend that for a while you forgo shampoo altogether in favor of a conditioner. You will see that it is really worth it, and the results will surprise you

We know a lot about shampooing

A lot is known about shampooing. The best way to wash your hair twice is to first apply a small amount of shampoo to your hands, rub them together and then gently massage your scalp. After rinsing, apply a second layer of shampoo and more thoroughly “scrub”, but not too hard, so as not to harm the hair roots. Later, we apply conditioner for a few minutes and usually rinse it out too, because the product, which does not need to be rinsed out after washing, usually has a weaker effect and may irritate the scalp. However, it is becoming increasingly popular to wash hair with conditioner alone. Why? Because it brings many benefits to your hair.

How do I wash my hair with conditioner? It is simple!

Before washing your hair with a conditioner, you must first wet your hair thoroughly (do not apply the product to dry strands). The scalp must be soaked in warm water. Squeeze a small amount of the conditioner into your palms and mix with water. Wash your head while massaging it gently and gradually work the conditioner through your hair. If the conditioner is not lathering up enough you can squeeze out a bit more product. After massaging and thoroughly washing your hair, rinse it with lukewarm water

You may also wash your hair with conditioner that has not been diluted with water. Such a product may lather better, so a small amount should be enough to wash your entire head, even if you have long and bushy hair.

What are the Benefits of Conditioning Hair?

Some people still question whether washing hair with conditioner alone is a good idea. There is a common misconception that conditioners can make hair strands too oily. This is a myth. Conditioners are much better at cleaning up oil that has been applied to your hair and they are also great at eliminating excess sebum from your skin. We must pay special attention to the composition of cosmetics, because not every conditioner is suitable for washing hair. The best conditioners are those without lanolin, silicones or waxes.

You may also wash your hair with conditioner using the so-called OMO method, which is a double application of the product – conditioner-wash-conditioner. The idea is that before you wash your hair with shampoo you first apply conditioner to your hair and then thoroughly massage your scalp. What’s more, for best results leave the conditioner on your hair for a few minutes, then rinse it out thoroughly and apply shampoo. After shampooing you apply the conditioner again, or just to the strands, and rinse (without leaving the product in your hair for a few minutes). This method is for those with patience and time, as it requires not only a thorough shampooing but also a few rinsing steps.

Hair after washing with conditioner is light, shiny and very easy to comb. Many people also stop complaining about their hair getting frizzy.

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