How do I find the motivation to exercise?

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Who doesn’t dream about a perfect figure, especially during vacations, when we dress skimpier than in winter and show much more body? Unfortunately, many resolutions to change eating habits and improve fitness are forgotten in the busyness of everyday duties. The main key to changing your habits is motivation, but how to motivate yourself effectively to start exercising and stay in shape?

Realistic goal is the key to success

At the beginning of your adventure with exercising it is best to define your goals, create a precise plan of action and only at the end start acting. It is important to consider for what purpose we want to exercise? What results do we expect? There are many exercises and depending on our expectations we should choose an appropriate training

For example when losing weight training will be perfect, and when building muscle mass, strength training will be perfect. After establishing your expectations it is much easier to create a precise action plan. The best way to do this is to take a pen and write down the days and responsibilities for each day

To exercise regularly, you need to make time for training. It is best to set relatively regular times to exercise according to your daily schedule because people get used to it very quickly and this can definitely help you to exercise regularly. In addition as a motivation you can set yourself cyclic reminders, which will help you to systematize your workouts. It is very important, especially at the beginning, to set realistic and achievable goals. Unfortunately many people lose motivation because they cannot see the effects of their actions. Losing weight or building muscles is a long process and it takes time. No one will notice drastic changes in the appearance of their figure after the first training. That’s why you shouldn’t get too crazy too often. At the beginning of training, it may happen that instead of decreasing the weight will increase. It is best to take measurements of particular body parts. This will give us a much better idea of the results of our workouts than the weight itself. Weight measurements should be taken no more often than once a week. The optimal weight loss is 0.5 kg per week. It is also worth remembering that skipping exercise once on a scheduled date will not have a very bad effect on the whole training results and you should just do the workout a day later.

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Add variety to your exercises

When performing exercises, it is very important not to fall into a routine. Unfortunately, it is often monotony that kills the desire to perform the planned workout. There are many variations and types of exercises available, so it is good to perform different forms alternately. You don’t always need special equipment to perform varied workouts. Weights can easily be replaced by water bottles, and skipping ropes can be made from string. Over time, you can gradually equip yourself with professional equipment as it makes exercising much easier.

Make the most of your free time by exercising

You can improve your fitness not only through training but also through everyday activities. A great solution is to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Taking the stairs will strengthen your leg and buttock muscles and improve the condition of your whole body. It is also worth resigning from using a car if possible, which will save you a lot of money and get rid of unnecessary kilograms. In good weather you can commute to work by bike. The journey itself will often take the same amount of time, because although we move slower by bike, we often avoid traffic jams. It is also worth walking a lot, because it has a positive effect on the functioning of the whole body. Access to fresh air is very important, so take advantage of it in every free moment.

There are many methods to motivate yourself to exercise. Very often a predetermined goal is a sufficient motivation, sometimes it is saving money, and sometimes we are motivated by friends, influencers, coaches or quotes from successful people. The most important thing is to find the strength for systematic effort and be consistent. It is also worth before starting complex workouts to perform basic research to determine the current state of health and select appropriate exercises for it.

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