Barre workout is a workout with ballet elements, which will make you abandon your favourite exercises for a long time

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Tired of working up a sweat at the gym or tiring of running, which you don’t like? Opt for barre workout, that is training with ballet elements! We guarantee that it is a form of exercise, which you will fall in love with from the first moves!

Sport is not only a gym or jogging. There are many possibilities of spending time actively. More and more people are looking for new ways of physical activity, and one of them is undoubtedly barre workout!

Barre workout has been known for years!

The barre workout has been known since the 1970s, but it gained incredible popularity after the release of the movie “Black Swan”. Dancer and trainer of stars Mary Helen Bowers, who prepared Hollywood star Natalie Portman for the role in this film, decided to promote dance classes for everyone, regardless of age and physical abilities. Her idea appealed to many people and so the fitness ballet for amateurs began to flourish.

What exactly is barre workout? It is a type of movement containing exercises taken from classical ballet and combined with accents of yoga, as well as pilates. Certainly the advantage of such training is that it can be done by anyone. All over the world in fitness clubs you can already find rooms designed for such training. They are usually equipped with sliding bars, where you can practice all ballet positions

You can exercise without leaving your home!

The most important thing during barre workout is a support, but you can do it without a bar too. Exercises can also be done at home, for example, by a chair or a wall. For barre workout other devices are also introduced, such as dumbbells, kilograms and soft balls, which should be put between the knees and thighs, making it a bit more difficult for us to perform given positions. If you don’t have specialized equipment, there’s no need to worry – you can replace it with what you have at hand, such as soft cushions or books.

You do not need a ballet outfit to train, the best will be comfortable, loose clothing such as your favorite tracksuit, T-shirt or top. It is important that it is made of light, breathable material, then we will not sweat so much. And you can practice barefoot, there is no need for sports shoes

How do the barre workout classes look like and how many calories will I burn while exercising?

Barre workout classes begin with the starting posture of a straight back and pulled back shoulder blades. Once you have this posture, it’s time for a warm-up. What exercises are performed during it? First of all, arm, hand and leg rotations. Squats and bends are also very important exercises that complete the barre workout warm-up. Participants praise the fact that the exercises are conducted with a variety of music, from modern to classical.

Many people who want to start their adventure with this form of training ask the question: how many calories can you burn while doing it? According to instructors, during an hour-long barre workout you can burn up to 300 kcal. This is not an option for people who are significantly overweight and would like to shed some pounds in a fairly quick interval. The workout combines ballet, yoga and Pilates, the so-called 3-in-1, and is designed mainly for people who want to sculpt their bodies. Some people may be intimidated by the fact that the workout is based on ballet. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to be able to do complicated pirouettes to participate in a fitness club class! Rather, the movements performed during the workout should not be too difficult for anyone. A lot of squats and sit-ups are done during classes, and these are not demanding exercises

The perfect exercise for everyone

Barre workout is an exercise option for everyone, regardless of age or gender. It is a form of fitness recommended especially for women who want to get rid of excess weight after pregnancy – but not drastically, and slowly at a rational pace. Barre workout is also dedicated to children with spinal defects. So the exercises are often recommended by physiotherapists. It is not without reason that Hollywood celebrities have fallen in love with this class. Barre workout has already been practiced by the aforementioned Natalie Portman, who loves this form of exercise and uses it even during shooting a film! Pop icon Madonna is also a fan, which can be seen on her many music videos. Try it out for yourself too and you will see how many endorphins you will provide to your body after just the first workout

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