How to improve skin and hair health?

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Beautiful radiant skin and well-groomed soft hair is certainly something that many women dream of. In a way, it is a business card, which each of us would like to take care of. But what to do when the condition of your skin or hair leaves a lot to be desired? We tell you how you can significantly improve the condition of your hair and skin

Each of us would like to have clear and radiant skin and plump and smooth hair. Sometimes, the condition of our skin and hair is not the best and deviates quite a bit from this idealised pattern. So what can be done to improve the condition of skin and hair? We suggest!

How do I take care of my skin?

A beautiful, radiant complexion without blemishes and discoloration is definitely something many of us aspire to. For this to happen, it is important to start with the right skin care on a daily basis. Determine what type of skin you have – dry skin needs different care, oily skin needs a different one and vascular skin needs a different one. So choose the right cosmetics for your skin

Also, remember to follow the right sequence in your daily skin care routine. Start every day, morning and evening, by cleansing your face with a gel or foam cleanser. Then wipe your skin with a cotton pad soaked in toner, which will restore its natural pH. Apply a serum that is tailored to your needs, and when it is completely absorbed, apply a moisturizing cream

Finish your morning skin care routine with a sunscreen if you plan to leave the house that day. Makeup removal is also a very important part of your daily skin care routine. Remember never to go to bed with makeup on, because the night is the time when the skin regenerates and rests. So if you wear makeup, the first step of your evening care should be makeup remover oil and micellar lotion.

Diet and hydration are also very important aspects of skin care. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables, fish, dairy products, whole grains, nuts and good vegetable fats will help improve the appearance of your skin. Also, to avoid skin problems related to dryness or oiliness, try to drink at least 1.5-2 liters of water a day. You can also help yourself a bit with supplementation. A great choice would be supplements for beautiful skin, which you can find at

How to take care of your hair?

As with skin, proper hair care plays a very important role. Choose a shampoo and conditioner for your individual needs and for the porosity of your hair

Low-porous hair needs strengthening and volumizing, medium-porous hair needs strong moisturizing, and high-porous hair needs regenerating and rebuilding. It is also worth introducing oiling into your hair care routine, which is best done about every two weeks. This will make your hair stronger and shinier. Avoid any heat styling such as blow-drying, straightening or curling. However, if you absolutely must style your hair, always use heat protectors

Diet also plays an important role here. Your diet should be rich in vitamins A, E, D and B-group vitamins as well as iron and proteins. You can also use hair supplements to further strengthen your hair and accelerate its growth

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