Easter in the light version – we suggest what is safe for your waistline on the Easter table

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Many people associate the approaching Easter with the fear of gaining more weight. Tables laden with delicious foods are also not conducive to keeping a diet.

Fortunately, you do not have to give up the traditional sour soup or delicious eggs with mayonnaise, just replace these dishes with their slightly slimmer equivalents, which we present below!

How many calories do traditional Easter dishes have?

Although delicious, the food served at Easter is also high in calories. For example, one egg with mayonnaise is 200 calories, and let’s be honest, who can eat just one when a whole platter of them is tempting. On the other hand, a plate of sour soup with a piece of white sausage is 600 calories, a little less has a small portion of mazurka, with 550 calories

Counting up after eating only these three dishes we have over 1300 calories, and we need to remember that they are usually only a prelude to what will end up in our stomachs during the holidays. Fortunately, small changes are enough to turn Easter dishes from veritable calorie bombs into waistline-friendly dishes

Traditional Easter dishes in a light version

The Easter table is based on several ingredients, which, regardless of taste, appear in almost every Polish home. These include eggs, mayonnaise, salads with mayonnaise, cakes, soups and cold meats. So how, without giving them up, take care of your waistline during the holidays?

The king of Easter tables – mayonnaise

During Easter mayonnaise is a sauce, which is consumed by jars, but it is worth knowing that it is one of the biggest enemies of the slim figure. One of its spoons is as much as 130 calories. However, you can, without eliminating it from holiday dishes, effectively reduce its caloric content

Just mix it in proportions of 5 to 2 with natural yogurt. In order to preserve its consistency, Greek yogurt will be the best choice for this purpose. You can prepare homemade light mayonnaise by mixing five tablespoons of natural yoghurt with two tablespoons of classic mayonnaise, thus obtaining a sauce, one tablespoon of which has only 90 calories.

Easter eggs

None of us can imagine Easter without stuffed eggs. However, this dish can also be effectively slimmed down. In the case of eggs the yolk has the most calories, so just replace some of it with herbs or mushrooms

Low calorie sour soup for Easter breakfast

Thick, aromatic, with egg and a piece of white sausage – this is the highlight of every Easter breakfast, that is sour soup. To make sure that one plate of this soup doesn’t contain so many calories, it’s a good idea to refrain from adding fried ingredients, such as onions, sausage or bacon. Instead, you can simply add them to the soup and cook along with it.

The culprit of sour soup’s calorific value is also very often added to it cream – in this case, instead of it, you should opt for milk or natural yogurt. These ingredients will just as well thicken the soup, thus reducing the amount of calories served with it

Easter vegetable salad in a light version

Present on our holiday tables for years. The ingredients of vegetable salad are not a calorific bomb by themselves, it is the addition of mayonnaise that makes it not so waistline-friendly. So just use natural yogurt or vegan mayonnaise, which you can make by blending almonds with a little water

Instead of frying, bake

When breakfast dishes disappear from the table, their place is usually taken by cutlets, schnitzels or chops, which are not only a source of calories but also put a lot of strain on our liver, especially if they are cooked in deep fat. Therefore, when it comes to meats, it is much better to choose an oven instead of a frying pan. A slice of baked pork has 100 calories less than its fried and breaded counterpart

However, it is worth remembering that even slimmed-down dishes are no substitute for moderation. So at the Easter table, instead of overeating, try every dish you fancy, but in reasonable portions, and when you feel satiated, best get up and take the family for a walk, which is good for everyone!

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Main photo: ROMAN ODINTSOV/ pexels.com

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