Nail shape – what does it change and what are the choices?

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Did you know that the shape of your nails significantly affects the appearance of your hands? What nail shape should you choose and what should you consider before making a final decision?

Nail shape

Each of us wants to have beautiful and aesthetic hands, which always look phenomenal. For this effect you have to work a little, even if it is in the form of daily care. Preparation in the form of filing the nail or the polish used also has a great influence. In this way you can create your own composition, which reflects your disposition or character. You can choose from a wide variety of nail shapes. What nail shape is right for you? Almond? Oval or maybe square? It depends on your own creativity and preferences, but it is good to know that some shapes are more suitable for a certain type of hand, and others with the same hand will look ugly to say the least.

Nail length and shape – everything you should know

First we will deal with the length of your nails – because this is how you can adjust the optical thickness of your hand. If you have a rather thick and wide hand, long nails can slenderize it optically. On the other hand, if you have a slim and elongated hand, long nails can look somewhat comical. So as you can see, the shape of your nails is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a big change that affects your entire hand.

It is also worth mentioning the principle, according to which the optimal shape of the nails is indicated by their structure. Nails consist of two parts – the placenta and the lunula. The lunula is the white part of the nail, located at the base. In theory, therefore, it is the shape of the lunula that indicates how you should have your nails finished.

Nail shape – what can you choose?

There are many possibilities for choosing the shape of your nails. Depending on your own or your beautician’s imagination the different types of nail design may overlap. We will, however, draw your attention to the most common and popular types of nail shapes. These are therefore:

  • round nails – many women opt for this shape, round nails are universal and unobtrusive. Round nails are resistant to damage and it is easy to maintain this shape as it is close to natural,
  • square nails are a bit more daring and will not suit all of us. Square nails look best on slender hands. Also keep in mind that maintaining square nails is quite difficult due to the disruption of the nail shape, they are prone to damage,
  • oval nails – oval nails are very versatile and will work well not only for any occasion, but also for any type of hand. It should be added that oval nails are also durable and resistant to damage,
  • almond-shaped nails – this is the most extravagant idea, long and pointed nails look very sexy and attractive, they also significantly elongate the hand. On the other hand, it is easy to catch or crush the nail, so it is recommended to strengthen it, for example, with an appropriate varnish.

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