Do you go to bed with wet hair? Here’s why you should reach for the hair dryer before going to bed

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Up until now, people used to say that going to bed with un-dried hair was a guarantee of damaged ends and brittle hair. Today, we can add to that list… uninvited guests

Honestly, how many times have you gone to bed with wet hair? Sometimes it’s because you’re lazy, other times it’s because you’re tired. And while you’re not the only one who does this from time to time (we hope it’s not your ritual!), no argument should excuse the situation. Why?

Why shouldn’t you go to bed with wet hair?

Broken strands, damaged ends and frizzy hair are just some of the consequences of going to bed with wet or damp hair. You’re also one step closer to catching a cold (remember how your grandma used to say that a cold is easiest to catch on the head?). However, that’s not all. We still have to mention that by going to bed with wet hair, you are sending an invitation to fungi and mites, because warm and moist skin is the perfect environment for them to live. It’s worth noting that there are these types of creatures that can lead to dandruff or worse, hair loss.

I don’t know about you, but these arguments appeal to us, and right before bed we always reach for the hairdryer..

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