Why should you exercise your back muscles? Here are 6 reasons

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General development workouts, whether with a trainer or on your own, involve a package of exercises for different parts of the body. An indispensable element are back exercises, which are difficult to train because of the number of muscles that are located on them.

Benefits of back training

A beautiful back with delicately outlined muscles is the dream of men and women. Especially in summer and spring you can expose them by wearing dresses and strapless shirts. It is therefore worth taking care of them.

The muscles of the back are engaged in practically all activities of our daily functioning. When getting up from a chair, walking, bending down, driving a car or riding a bicycle – they are always working. It is assumed that it is on the back and legs that we have the largest muscle parts. Why is the back and its good condition so important?

The entire back consists of different muscle groups. Starting with the widest, or back muscles, followed by the quadriceps, the back extensor muscles, and the larger and smaller pectoral muscles.

In order for each of these to be properly exercised, you must train in a variety of ways. It is through comprehensive stimuli that we can achieve a satisfactory effect.

Why train your back?

  1. Because of their size these muscles support the whole body, they are the so-called core of our silhouette.
  2. Back muscles condition correct posture, i.e. straight back and, consequently, a healthy spine.
  3. Weak back muscles cause a lot of pain and discomfort. People who lead sedentary lifestyles are especially prone to this condition.
  4. A back overloaded, for example, as a result of physical work, and without a proper muscle layer will not adequately protect the spine.
  5. Strengthened back muscles mean a healthier and more attractive figure, which is less prone to injuries. Additionally, we do not have to worry about our joints.
  6. Regular but specific back exercises will provide us with an efficient body for a long time. Thanks to them we can avoid many diseases of old age.

Proven exercises for the back

Pull-ups on a bar

This is one of the most well-known exercises for the back, which works great. The bar should be held wider than shoulder-width apart and the movements that you are going to perform should reach a full flexion and extension. It is best to move your chin above the bar. When pulling up, exhale, and when lowering, inhale fully.

Barbell exercises

Prepare a barbell with or without weight. Stand slightly apart, in front of the training equipment, and lean forward. Grasp the barbell at both ends. Draw it to your abdomen as you exhale. It is important that your back remains straight during this exercise.


This is a workout dedicated to stimulating all back muscles. Here’s its most popular form: Place your feet farther apart than the width of your pelvis. The toes of your feet should point outward. Then perform squats with a barbell. With the back straight, pull it behind the head to the shoulder blades. While standing up, lift the barbell above your head.

Remember not to hunch during this workout, it can result in serious injuries.

Training with dumbbells

You will need a bench for one-handed support. Your back should be straight and your arm should be extended. Grasp the dumbbells in a natural way. Then pull them to your side to your pelvis. Remember to breathe. As you inhale, return to the starting position. The muscles should be kept under constant tension.

Protection of the spine in the form of efficient back muscles is the basis of healthy functioning. Therefore, it is worth doing at least 3 short workouts in a week.

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Main photo: Anna Shvets/ pexels.com

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