Vitamin C in cosmetics is very popular. However, there is one ingredient with which it must not be combined

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On one hand, it supports our immunity; on the other, it helps keep our skin glowing. And although vitamin C has long been considered the queen of vitamins, not everyone indulges in it. So what can you not combine this ingredient with? The list of “disobedient” is short.

It is well known that products that have a lot of vitamin C should not be mixed with vegetables that contain ascorbicase, the enzyme that breaks down this powerful antioxidant. As a result, many of us give up eating a tomato and green cucumber sandwich, for example. However, did you know that this is not the only forbidden duo?

Vitamin C in cosmetics – what not to combine it with?

It turns out that also in cosmetics there are products that will not play a common melody with vitamin C. What are we talking about? Contrary to what you can sometimes read online, it’s not about retinol (this combination gets the green light and leads us to a beautiful skin). Experts warn consumers against mixing vitamin C together with copper. Why? Because the two ingredients cancel each other out. As a result – using products with copper and vitamin C at the same time – we give nothing of value to our skin.

Does this mean that you should exclude one of these ingredients from your skincare rituals once and for all? Nothing of the sort. You only need to use one product in the morning, and the other only in the evening. Take into account that both ingredients have a beneficial effect on your complexion, but each has a different task to perform.

Vitamin C firms the skin, helps fight discoloration, adds radiance to the complexion and protects against free radicals. Copper, on the other hand, mainly reduces inflammation, slows down the aging process and helps fight acne.

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