Why ride a bike?

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Riding a bike has many benefits. It keeps you from ever getting stuck in traffic, saves you some money, and burns calories. There are more advantages! Here are the reasons why you should ride a bike.

Want to build muscle? Start cycling

When you ride a bike, you work the muscles in your shoulders, back, quadriceps, thighs, abdomen and buttocks. This happens no matter what kind of terrain you are moving on. These muscles are responsible for the pressure of your feet on the pedal and for maintaining an appropriate posture. Remember that the higher the incline and resistance, the better your body works. This is not a way to get spectacular results, but it allows you to get aesthetically outlined muscles

Choosing a bike will have a positive effect on your body

Cycling not only shapes muscles, but also strengthens them. During activity muscles of spine responsible for support of its lower and lumbar section work intensively. If you want to strengthen your back, remember about proper saddle position. If your posture is too upright, you may strain your spine

Bicycle rides are also a great way to improve circulation, strengthen the heart, and gain better respiratory capacity. During physical activity, the body is forced to work more efficiently, which naturally improves the condition of the lungs. When riding on flat terrain, rhythmic movements calm the heart, its contractions become fuller and cause faster oxygenation of internal organs. When you try regular workouts, over time you will catch shortness of breath less often and your heart will start beating more calmly

Improves brain function and reduces stress

Without a doubt, another benefit of cycling is the positive impact on your psyche. Scientific studies have proven that light physical activity keeps your mind clear and helps you solve problems faster. It also positively affects mental health. People who regularly train find solace in workouts, thus reducing stress and being able to calm down faster

Cycling burns a lot of calories

In order to have a beautiful figure, you need to be physically active on a regular basis. These don’t have to be cardio workouts with sweat streaming off you. As it turns out, losing weight can be much easier. Just commute to work by bike. It doesn’t have to be a long distance, just a few kilometers of cycling every day will be enough to see the first effects after a month

Bicycle will protect your health

People who ride a bike are in a better mental and physical condition. Because they control their body weight, they don’t have to worry about being overweight or obese. In turn, a slimmer figure prevents the development of other serious diseases such as atherosclerosis and hypertension. Moreover, cycling takes place outdoors, so the human body builds up natural immunity. People who are active in sports less often complain about headaches, colds or simple weakness

With a bike you take care of the environment and save money

Bicycle as one of few means of transport is emission free. It doesn’t produce exhaust fumes or noise, and you don’t have to stand in traffic jams. As a result, cycling is cheaper, faster and more environmentally friendly. This is especially important in big cities, where traffic jams are the order of the day and noise is no longer a surprise. Besides, moving by bike, you gain the opportunity to bypass the busiest streets. Buying a two-wheeled vehicle is incomparably cheaper than buying a car. You can find a good bicycle already for 1000 zloty, while a car can be repaired for the same amount of money. Depreciation and maintenance costs are also lower

Cycling saves time

When you get to many places by bike, you will stop wasting time on walking to the parking lot, standing in traffic and looking for a parking space. This will make your life easier. You can store your bike in your apartment and take it with you whenever you want. There will always be a place to put it, and you can easily avoid traffic jams. It is also a great alternative to public transportation. You will never have to run to the bus stop or ride in a crowded bus again

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