Capsule closet – do you know how to build it?

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Your closet is filled with random clothes that don’t always fit together? Do you have trouble putting together an outfit? Put an end to it and bet on a capsule closet. Read the article below and you’ll learn all about it. Check it out!

Capsule closet = minimalist closet? Not necessarily

The concept of capsule wardrobe was already known in the 1970s, while it gained popularity and interest a few years later. This was brought about by the famous designer Donna Karan.

However, right at the beginning we want to dispel the myth – capsule closet does not mean a hundred percent minimalist closet. It is primarily about having about 30-40 items per season, that is, for a period of about three months, which fit perfectly together. 

Importantly, here we count only the basics, that is, the lower and upper garments and outer garments, as well as shoes. For the “capsule” we do not count underwear, home clothes, pajamas, sports clothes and jewelry, handbags, scarves and other accessories.

How to build a capsule closet? Basic principles

The first rule when you want to build the perfect capsule closet is to thoroughly review your closet. We take literally everything out of it, assess whether we really like the item, whether it fits our style and whether it is the right size. If not, let’s get rid of it – give it away or sell it. Let’s remember that more does not mean better.

Once you’ve cleaned everything out, it’s easier to define your style and figure out which fashion direction to take. The important thing is that no two capsule closets are the same. Why? Because each of us is different – for one of us there will be more shirts, cigarillos and coats, for another dresses and cardigans, and for yet another jeans or joggers and ramones. We tailor everything to ourselves – to our tastes and lifestyle, but also to our figure.

So let’s get down to the business of putting together styles that will work well together. Looking for a coat? Choose one that you will wear with everything, as well as pants – let them match both blouses, tops and shirts. Let’s not buy on the spur of the moment or whim, but sensibly. 

Here a note: let’s bet on the quality of materials. Cotton, linen, wool, cashmere or viscose will do much better than polyester and acrylic. If they are of high quality, they will serve a really long time and will not deteriorate after one season.

Finally, one more rule: take care of color consistency. A capsule closet consists not only of clothes that match each other in style or cut, but also in color. It is worth betting first of all on the classic triangle: white, black and gray. For this, neutral earth colors, pastels and one-two stronger colors, for example, red, cobalt, orange or green will be useful. Let’s still pay attention to ensure that the colors emphasize our beauty. Cool shades suit some, while warm shades suit others.

Have we convinced you to build your perfect capsule closet? If so, don’t wait and start with… cleaning! We’re keeping our fingers crossed!

main photo: Du Preez

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