What are the benefits of applying masks regularly?

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Is a mask a beauty gadget or a must-have skincare step for you? Read our guide to learn all the benefits of using masks and choose the right one for you.

Why masks?

In recent years, masks have become extremely popular. Women have come to love this skincare method for its ease and short application time, as well as the results seen after the first use. Masks contain a concentrated formula and are great for travel, before a big night out or simply as a supplement to your evening routine. To maintain results, masks should be used at least once a week. The best place to buy them is online drugstore.

Which mask to choose?

When it comes to the formula, we can distinguish masks in cream, foam, sheet and stick. In terms of properties, we can divide them into:

– purifying – they reduce excess sebum, tighten pores, improve skin tone, leave it fresh and matte;

– peel-off – usually dedicated to the T-zone. Contained in the composition of charcoal, clay or algae help cleanse the skin of blackheads, provide detoxification and skin tightening effect. Before applying a peeling mask, it is recommended to take a steam bath to open the pores;

– Hydrating – best for winter, when the skin is exposed to wind and frost;

– Whitening and brightening – used to improve tone, reduce discoloration and restore radiance to dull skin;

– anti-wrinkle and dedicated to mature or vascular skin;

– for demanding and sensitive skin;

– with acids;

– oxygenating;

– Hydro-gels;

– mud;

– redness-reducing and refreshing;

– designed for use at night.

It is worth reaching for face masks to improve the condition of your skin in an instant. The choice on the market is really large and meets many needs. It is also a good way to relax after a stressful day. It only takes a few minutes for the substances to penetrate the skin, making it silky smooth and refreshed. Mask in a sheet are the most convenient to use, because after the time indicated on the package, you only need to remove the cloth from your face and pat the remaining essence into your skin.


– Before applying makeup for an important outing, use an enzyme scrub to remove dead skin and make your foundation last longer.

– You can massage the remaining essence after the mask into your skin using a chilled roller or gua sha plate.

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