Healthy party snacks – what goes by that name?

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The food at house parties is often based on store-bought chips, sticks and cookies. This is highly processed food that is not good for your health in large quantities. To ensure you and your guests have equally delicious yet healthier food, prepare it yourself. We will suggest some of our favorite recipes.

When preparing a meal, focus on finger foods, which are snacks that do not require the use of a plate or cutlery. These can be vegetable chips, savoury or sweet snacks , or mini sandwiches. Dips, for which we use toasts or corn chips like nachos, are also a hit. The absolute classic here is guacamole – a paste made of avocado, but vegan bean spread, paprika or eggplant ayewar will also work.

When preparing something hot, remember that it should not be a dish that requires your constant attention, but for example, easy to prepare aromatic bruschetta with garlic, tomatoes and basil or caramelized pear and camembert cheese. Such small portions for one tooth will disappear from the table in no time.

If you want to use the oven to prepare other appetizers as well, think about using vegetables you already have in the fridge. Sliced carrots coated in peanut butter and a tablespoon of oil or thin slices of zucchini drizzled with olive oil and vinegar do not require much preparation. Their taste and aroma will certainly be remembered by your guests. Below are some inspirations on how to serve them.

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