Egyptian Magic – why is it one of the most coveted cosmetics of our time?

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Egyptian Magic is a cream known and praised for years, called a versatile cosmetic – it is used not only for the face and body, but also for hair and as a base for makeup. It gained popularity thanks to celebrities such as Madonna. What is the secret of Egyptian Magic and what do we need to know about it before buying?

What is Egyptian Magic?

Egyptian Magic is called an all-purpose cosmetic – versatile, suitable for everyone and for everything. We can replace facial moisturizer, lip balm, makeup remover, body milk, and cosmetics smoothing and healthy looking hair. What is hidden in Egyptian Magic? The answer to this question is simple: everything that is good. It has only 6 ingredients in its composition and all of them are of natural origin. These are:

  • olea europaea fruit oil (olive oil) – a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids that work to soften and lubricate the skin;
  • cera alba (beeswax) – an emollient with moisturizing effect that protects us from external factors such as frost and wind;
  • mel (bee honey) – a strong moisturizing ingredient with antibacterial and regenerative properties, as well as giving elasticity to hair and nourishing it;
  • bee pollen (bee pollen) – has a nourishing and toning effect, helps reduce dilated blood vessels;
  • royal jelly (royal jelly) – slows down the aging process and has anti-seborrheic properties, moisturizes, smoothens;
  • propolis cera (propolis, bee putty) – prevents greasy hair and complexion, has anti-acne properties, shows anti-fungal and anti-viral effects.

This combination, like a perfect combination, provides regeneration, hydration and smoothing. Thanks to Egyptian Magic our complexion will be radiant and healthy, and the risk of blemishes and imperfections will be significantly reduced. It will also work well for sensitive, more demanding skin, will not weigh it down and will not irritate. It is also ideal as a regenerative remedy after acne or in case you use acids on your face. Egyptian Magic thanks to its quite greasy, but delicate consistency is ideal for use at night, when our complexion rests the most. It is also possible to use it under makeup if we want a natural glow

Its other functions are countless – you can use it on chapped lips, on the ends of your hair to protect it from mechanical damage and to wash off makeup. The cosmetic is suitable for everyone – there are no age limits and it will work well for both children’s and more mature skin. By the fact that it does not contain water, it is ideal for winter – moisturizing water-based cosmetics are recommended for warmer seasons, and in winter it is recommended to use the more oily ones, to create a protective barrier

Popularity of Egyptian Magic

The formula of the cream has been known for years – the company Egyptian Magic was founded in 1991 in the United States and headed by ImHotepAmonRa. However, the multi-tasking cream gained popularity relatively recently, when celebrities such as Madonna and Kate Hudson began to admit to using it. Fortunately, we don’t have to import the cream or look for it on foreign sites. Egyptian Magic is available in stationary stores in Poland in several capacities. We can get it in drugstores such as Sephora or Hebe, and if we prefer online shopping – on Cocolita. Its price varies from 85 PLN to even 120 PLN for 59 ml, but in Sephora there is also a travel version available – 30 ml. It will be the perfect option to start our adventure with this cream if we want to test it.

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