Why should you brush your body?

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Do you dream of a beautiful, firm body? Do you eat healthy, but the elasticity of your skin is still not satisfactory? Time to discover the extraordinary power of dry brushing. The effects will certainly surprise you.

Asians owe their firm bodies to dry brushing. Although Europeans have long been unconvinced by this method, seeing it as more harmful than beneficial, for some time now they too have been indulging in this extraordinary beauty ritual. Why dry body brushing? How to do it to get the best results?

What is dry body brushing?

It is a kind of therapeutic, natural massage. What we need is a special brush made of natural bristle. Body brushing can be done wet or dry, but the best results are obtained with the first method. What is important, to perform it, we do not have to spend a lot of money or use the services of a spa salon. The only thing we will need is a special brush

What does dry body brushing give us?

Dry body brushing primarily firms the skin, but there are also other benefits of this skin care method. With dry body brushing you will get:

  • smooth skin, free of keratinized epidermis,
  • healthy hair follicles – this method is recommended especially for those who have been struggling with excessive keratinization of the epidermis,
  • massage, which improves blood circulation,
  • strengthened and tightened skin,
  • reduction of cellulite,
  • peeling effect – brush effectively removes dead skin,
  • cleansed skin pores and reduces imperfections,
  • skin ready for further skin care treatments,
  • relaxation and a pleasant massage.

Importantly, regular massaging improves the appearance and color of your skin. Massage also supports the lymphatic system, which makes the lymph circulate better in our body. Stimulation of lymph promotes immunity and ridding the body of toxins. It’s also a good idea to brush if you have problems with ingrown hairs after epilation

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How to choose the right brush?

The brush should be natural. The bristles should be soft enough to make the massage pleasant, but stiff enough to scrub the skin thoroughly. The handle of the brush should be wooden. The most recommended are those made of agave bristle, because it is ideal for beauty treatments. It performs its function but does not damage the skin. It is also important that the brush is equipped with a comfortable strap, which will allow you to hold it comfortably during the massage. On the market, we can find brushes with bristles of animal origin such as boar or pony tail. However, they can be too sharp for some people, so it is good to assess beforehand if this type of bristle is suitable for us

How to properly perform body brushing?

Body brushing is best done in the morning, because it stimulates the body and thus positively affects our mood. What is important, the massage should be performed every day. Technically, it should look like this: you apply a brush and massage your entire body in circular motions. Do not press too hard, but enough to thoroughly stimulate and cleanse the skin. Remember that the massage should be done from the bottom to the top, never the other way around. Stronger massage can be done on the thighs and buttocks, because as a rule, there we face the biggest problems, such as cellulite or skin imperfections. Body brushing should last from 5 to 10 minutes

What is the difference between wet and dry body brushing?

There are two methods of body brushing – wet and dry. Wet body brushing is done in the shower or bathtub. It improves blood circulation very well, additionally it opens pores, thanks to which they work better and do not store much sebum. The effects of both methods are very similar. The wet version is slightly gentler than the dry one and will work well for those with extremely sensitive skin. It should be remembered, however, that dry brushing done too hard and intensively may irritate the skin and not give satisfactory results.

Contraindications to skin brushing

Although body brushing works well for all skin types, there are several contraindications to using this method. People who are struggling with psoriasis, skin cancer, acne, infections, atopic dermatitis and those who have visible wounds on the body should not brush their bodies

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