7 ideas to give a second life to your clothes

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Each of us has a favorite blouse, jeans jacket or pants. Unfortunately, clothes are not forever and after some time we have to say goodbye to them. Not necessarily! You can give them a second life, all it takes is a little creativity!

Repurposing old clothes

There are a few proven ways to refurbish or reuse used clothes. It all depends on your imagination!

1. A simple stitching

For some clothes it doesn’t take much to bring them back to their former glory. Sewing on a button, covering a stain that can’t be removed or mending a hole are basic tasks that anyone can do, all you have to do is visit your local haberdashery and buy the necessary items. If your clothes require more complicated activities, such as sewing a new zipper, it is worth to consult an experienced seamstress. Her services are not expensive, and old clothes can gain not only new life, but also a refreshed look.

2. Transforming T-shirts into eco bags

Cotton t-shirts can be very easily converted into shopping bags. With these, you will be able to do away with plastic bags and paper bags. It is enough to wrap the sleeves of the T-shirt inside and sew, the same should be done with the hole for the head. On the other hand, you can sew in buttons or a zipper at the waist, but it is not necessary – this space can remain open. Finally, all you need to do is to sew two equal pieces of fabric, which will form the ears of the bag – and you are done!

3. Chipped jeans

Jeans have a tendency to wear out at the knees, the material gets lighter and looks unattractive. There are two ways to do it – using a razor blade you can make a fashionable slit, the bigger the better. Pants can also be cut with larger scissors. They must be very sharp, so as not to rag the fabric. It is also worth to mark the place of cutting, preferably with chalk. You can leave the threads sticking out, but they will create a slightly sloppy, laid-back look. The length of the legs depends on the place of cutting. And if the pants are in good condition, you can decorate them with embroidery, patches or drawings

4. New-old denim jacket

Denim jackets are timeless and look great with both pants and dresses. Producing new denim clothes is very bad for the environment, so it is all the more worthwhile to use clothes that can get a new face. Denim jacket can be refreshed, using applications – for ironing and for sewing. Everything depends on the creativity of the author. You can also use special paints for the material.

If the jacket has damaged sleeves, it will work as a fashionable vest. The places after the sleeves can remain raw and frayed.

5. The second life of a jacket

In principle, everyone in the closet can find jackets that have gone out of fashion. There is hope for them – just cut and hem the sleeves. The jacket will be transformed into a very fashionable elegant vest. With the processing of this type of clothing it is worth going to a professional seamstress.

6. Clothing scraps to use

Some clothes are not recyclable, but you can cut them into pieces and, for example, sew them to jeans, creating fashionable appliqués. In addition, cotton shirts can be made into functional dusters.

7. How about a fabric handkerchief?

According to the zero-waste culture, it is worth saving paper, which means disposable tissues as well. Their material substitutes used to be very popular. In a very simple way you can make them from old clothes. It is best to choose fabrics that will absorb the liquid well.

Clothes, which we give a second life can gain a unique look. Unusual applications or patterns that we can create will allow us not only to take care of the planet, save money, but also stand out from the crowd. Old bedding can be sent to a shelter and in this way help homeless animals.

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