5 reasons why every woman should replace conventional cosmetics with natural ones

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Cosmetics are an important part of the daily toiletry for most women. Taking care of the skin, face and body care is the key to looking healthy and feeling good. However, skin care cosmetics usually have long, complicated and incomprehensible compositions, it seems that for each part of the face and each part of the body we need a different gel, a different serum and a different cream. As a result, it turns out that our bathroom cabinets and shelves are filled with dozens of bottles that we do not use anyway. Natural cosmetics are much easier to use and their action is definitely more effective. Find out 5 reasons why you should switch to natural cosmetics.

Saving money

A huge advantage of natural cosmetics is their price. All the ingredients you need to create a skin care routine for your skin are individual oils, butters, hydrolats and extracts. The prices of products to effectively take care of your face and body are much cheaper than the ready-made blends you can buy in stores. Oils and hydrolats, for example, are available in 100 ml bottles, which may seem more expensive than ready-made oil-based creams. However, you have to take into account that there are plenty of other ingredients in creams that dilute and take away from the effectiveness of the active ingredients. In 30 ml cream, for which we will pay 50 zlotys, there will be only a few milliliters of oil, which is actually supposed to work on the skin. On the other hand, for the same or slightly higher price we can buy a pure oil or hydrolate, which will actively work on our skin

Greater effectiveness of natural cosmetics

Natural products are actually concentrates of cosmetics available on store shelves. In finished products, natural active ingredients are diluted, and thus their effectiveness becomes less. When using natural cosmetics, however, caution should be exercised so as not to overdo the amount and intensity of the products Natural medicinealthough usually gentle, it requires knowledge and does not forgive all mistakes.

Greater efficiency of natural cosmetics

Due to the fact that natural cosmetics are concentrated and have a strong effect, just a few drops are enough for the product to have an effect. Therefore, natural cosmetics are a very inexpensive option for skin care. Not only that you can buy them at very attractive prices, but in addition they are extremely efficient and last for a very long time. Just remember to store your cosmetics properly. You can find out which products should be kept away from moisture, which should be protected from light and what should be kept in a refrigerator

The answer for allergy sufferers

If you are allergic to preservatives in cosmetics, natural oils are the perfect option for you. Natural cosmetics do not contain artificial preservatives, making them safe for people who are allergic to them. However, if you do not know what specific ingredient in cosmetics sensitize you, be careful even with natural products. Natural fruit acids or plant extracts can be highly allergenic for people prone to allergies.

An ecological solution

If environmental issues are close to your heart, you will be pleased to know that natural cosmetics are much more sustainable than the creams and lotions available on store shelves. Their carbon footprint and the amount of water used to produce them are usually much smaller compared to conventional cosmetics. In addition, many natural cosmetics are packaged in glass bottles or jars.

If you have been thinking about changing your face and body care or are looking for the right cosmetics for you, consider switching to natural cosmetics. The list of pros is much longer than we’ve outlined above, and while, like everything, natural products also have their drawbacks, the positives far outweigh them.

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