Treatments to Restore Hair’s Shine

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Beautiful and shiny hair is the dream of many a girl. Chemical bleaching and heat styling often rob hair of its healthy look. Is there a way to restore shine and manageability? Of course! See what treatments will bring your hair back to its former glory.

Changing Daily Habits and Washing Hair

The most important rule of caring for damaged hair is not to damage it more and to protect it from further damage. For severely damaged hair, the most important thing is to rebuild its structure. The element that makes up hair is proteins, more specifically keratin. Through chemical processes, such as bleaching the hair or frequent exposure to high temperatures, keratin bonds weaken, causing the hair to crumble and break. The most basic step to correct your past mistakes is to change your daily hair care routine

When washing your hair, treat only your scalp with shampoo. That’s where the cosmetic is supposed to work, no shampoo will nourish damaged hair because it’s not meant for that. Using a cleansing detergent on the length of your hair dries it out and makes it even more brittle and fragile. Don’t worry about getting your hair dirty, the lather that runs down your hair is enough to keep it dust-free and smelling great. Instead, for lengths, use every time you wash your hair hair Conditioners. For starters, protein-based conditioners and masks work best, combined with an emollient conditioner. All the conditioners that you apply to your hair should be combed thoroughly with a brush for about 45 seconds.

When it comes to combing your hair, ditch the popular detangler brush, which breaks and damages hair even more. A paddle brush works best for detangling and daily combing. Protect your hair from damage by applying a silicone serum every day.

Hair Laminating

A very effective homemade way to restore your hair to its beautiful appearance and fill in the gaps is to laminate your hair. This can be done using gelatin, jelly or agar. Pour about 2-3 tablespoons of your chosen powder over an equal volume of water and mix the resulting liquid with a similar volume of conditioner. Allow the mixture to cool while you wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo. The following products work well for you Kérastase. Shampoos from this brand are fantastic for cleansing and moisturizing your scalp, reducing dandruff and stimulating hair growth.

Apply the laminate on wet, drained hair and put on a foil cap, which will help keep the heat in and make the treatment more effective. Wrap the whole thing with a towel. After about 40 minutes, rinse the mixture with cool water

The proteins contained in the gelatin and agar will fill the gaps in your hair. The treatment will make your hair smoother, shinier and more free-flowing. Using jelly will also provide moisture, as the sugar in jelly is a humectant, or moisturizing ingredient.

Oiling your hair

Oiling is a treatment that adds weight to frizzy hair, protects it from damage and adds shine. It can be done dry or over a moisturizing primer. Oil is an emollient and does not moisturize the hair by itself, but it does protect the hair from moisture loss

Apply a moisturizing primer to dry hair, such as rose water, aloe vera gel or flaxseed gel. Rub it in thoroughly, then apply oil and use a brush to distribute it as well. Depending on the porosity of your hair (you can do a porosity test online), you can use coconut oil, cocoa butter or shea butter for low porosity, canola oil, avocado oil or olive oil for medium porosity, or flaxseed, sunflower or pumpkin seed oil for high porosity

Put a shower cap and a towel on your hair and wait about 30-40 minutes. After this time, rinse off the oil with warm water and apply a conditioner all over your hair, which emulsifies the oil and makes it easier to rinse off. After 15 minutes, rinse off the conditioner and shampoo your hair if you need to. After oiling, your hair should be smooth, shiny and easy to comb.

Taking care of your hair is not that complicated. Just half an hour once a week is enough to enjoy beautiful and healthy hair. No treatment can mend split ends, but if you take care of your hair after cutting it, it will grow back quickly and will wow everyone who passes you

Text produced in cooperation with the store Jean Louis David.

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