Beautiful and durable nails without leaving home? Here is the first step

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It is believed that the hands are the business card of each person. Unfortunately detergents, temperature changes and pollution have a negative impact on hand skin and nails. In addition, the latter are exposed to daily injury and damage. That is why proper care is so important. How to care for nails, so that they are hard and shiny? What cosmetics should be used? Can home care be as effective as that in a professional beauty salon?

Beautiful, long, painted nails are a dream of every woman. Nowadays you do not have to spend a fortune on visits to the beautician. With properly selected cosmetics and devices available in stores, you can professionally take care of your nails without leaving home.

Why do nails break?

Behind brittle and fragile nails is often a poor diet, which lacks B vitamins and iron. Also detergents, frequent soaking of nails in water or exposure to temperature changes cause our nails to crumble and their condition leaves much to be desired. Therefore, it is important to change eating habits. Include in your daily meals products rich in zinc, iron and vitamins. It is also worth remembering about proper hydration of the body. Protective gloves are necessary for cleaning works.

Principles of correct nail care

Daily nail care should be based on building healthy habits. After every hand wash, pat a nourishing cream into your hands and nails. If your nails are particularly brittle and fragile, don’t forget to rub a strengthening conditioner into them.

Peel your cuticles and get a manicure once a week. Adjust the length of your nails to the lifestyle you lead. If you do physical work or have a small child at home, give up long nails. Short and well manicured nails will look just as impressive.

Do you like to go wild? Or maybe you do not have time for frequent treatments? Consider permanent nail styling. A hybrid lamp is a device that allows you to create a permanent nail design at home. In our ranking you will find the most recommended lamp models

Long nails, short nails, nail polish, or intense red shade? No matter what choice you make, remember that regularity is the most important thing. Regular care will make your nails a real decoration.

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