Joint supplements for runners: an overview of effective ingredients

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Wondering what supplements for runners are effective? Find out what joint supplements with boswellic acid, curcumin and chondroitin sulfate do versus the popular collagen joint pills

Collagen joint pills – this is where you usually start

Joint supplements, which are often used by runners, can take the form of tablets, capsules or powders to be dissolved in water. One of the most popular types of such preparations are collagen tablets for joints. Why is this particular preparation for joints considered so beneficial for good form of runners? Well, collagen fibers consisting of collagen molecules are the basic tensile structure of the connective tissue of tendons. These bonds form the structural integrity of the fibers and ensure adequate force transmission1. For runners whose joints are under stress, this is especially important

Supplements for runners that are lesser known and yet effective

The best joint supplements don’t have to contain collagen at all. Among other ingredients that have a beneficial effect on the proper functioning of our joints, it is worth mentioning the following three in particular:

  • boswellic acid – supports the flexibility of joints and helps keep them in good condition. As research2 shows, knee joint supplements that contain it can help reduce swelling and pain in the knees,
  • curcumin – it helps maintain not only healthy joints, but also bones. Because it exhibits strong anti-inflammatory properties, this curcumin may inhibit mild inflammation in runners and improve overall joint function3,
  • chondroitin sulfate – this joint supplement is important primarily for protecting joints and providing mobility. Chondroitin has been proven to increase proteoglycans4, which are responsible for producing synovium, the intercellular substance that cushions movement. This joint supplement also has anti-inflammatory properties5.

If you’re looking for supplements that contain all three of these ingredients, check out Pure4Me supplements, among others.

What supplements for runners are effective? Summary

The best joint supplement for runners is one that contains medically proven beneficial ingredients. These include the joint supplements we mentioned in the article. Collagen, as a structural component of cartilage, helps maintain healthy joints and exhibits anti-inflammatory properties. Boswellic acid supports flexibility, curcumin prevents inflammation, and chondroitin sulfate supports joint synovial production.

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