8 diet myths that you may still believe

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You think you know a lot about healthy eating, but you still can’t seem to lose the extra pounds? Perhaps you have become a victim of diet myths. Check out the most popular ones – do you believe in them? It’s time to stop!

Diet myths – they do a lot of harm

Especially in the era of widely available Internet it is easy to fall into the trap of false information. Dietetics is a field where there are still many of them. People dreaming of a better figure are able to believe in things that have no coverage in reality. Get to know dietetic myths so that you don’t fall into their trap.

You can eat fruit only until 6 p.m.

Do you avoid eating fruit in the evening because you think it is harmful? Are you afraid that it will make you fat? Nothing could be further from the truth. Your favorite fruits are full of vitamins that you need for daily functioning. The time of day you eat them is irrelevant. If you want an apple or a banana in the evening, go ahead! As long as they don’t cause a calorie surplus, you won’t get fat from them. 

Potatoes are fattening

Why is it that so many people who go on a diet are among the first to give up potatoes? We have no idea, because they are not high in calories, and in addition they contain valuable components: vitamin C, potassium or calcium. If you think that potatoes are the culprits of your extra pounds, you probably consumed them with fatty sauce, for example.

You will not lose weight if you do not give up gluten and lactose

If your nutritionist tells you to give up gluten and lactose to lose weight, you’ll do best by switching nutritionists. Unless you have a known intolerance to these ingredients, there is no reason to give them up.

Starvation is a good way to lose weight

Do you think that by following a hunger strike you will lose weight? Well, sure, you probably will. However, what no one tells you is that the kilograms lost in this way will come back to you very quickly, maybe even in excess, and you certainly don’t want that. Stick to a calorie deficit and a well-balanced diet. This will bring you the results you dream of. Starving yourself can only distance you from them!

Light products are not fattening

Although products labeled as light do indeed contain fewer calories, they still do. Therefore, you must not be under the illusion that you should eat them without thinking about the quantity. They are helpful in your diet and you can probably prepare a lot of light meals with them (choosing light mayonnaise, for example) but you still need to be vigilant when planning your daily menu.

Drinking coffee promotes dehydration

It’s also not true that drinking coffee will make you dehydrated. A safe dosage is roughly four cups a day, and at this dosage, nothing should happen to you. Of course, you must remember to replenish your fluids throughout the day: water, juices, etc. 

Dietary supplements make you slimmer

Adequate supplementation won’t hurt, but you certainly won’t lose the excess weight just because of it. If you don’t stick to a calorie deficit and physical activity, even the best supplement won’t do much.

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