Are you squeezing out your pimples? The consequences can be dangerous not only for your beauty, but also for your health

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It usually appears unannounced. A pimple, as it is called, is an unwanted guest on the face that begs to be squeezed out. But why should you refrain from doing so? Check it out!

Pimples are a nightmare for many people. External symptoms of acne are skin changes: red, swollen and filled with pus. However, there are much worse things happening inside, such as clogged or inflamed sebaceous glands. That’s why it’s so important to act on the cause and not squeeze uninvited guests

What are the consequences of squeezing pimples?

  • the spread of bacteria throughout the face, which can cause the appearance of even more pimples
  • permanent scarring
  • sinus infection
  • thrombophlebitis of the facial veins
  • meningitis

As you can see, the consequences of getting rid of pimples on your own can be serious. However, if you really want to squeeze these imperfections, go to a beautician. The specialist can offer you skin care treatments that effectively prevent pimples, pustules and pimples. What can we count among such treatments? Cavitation peeling, microdermabrasion or acid treatments

Remember, if the problem with imperfections does not disappear, it is necessary to visit a dermatologist

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