How should cosmetics be stored properly?

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Do you think that storing cosmetics is only supposed to be convenient and you rather not pay much attention to it? This is a mistake! Inappropriate conditions result not only in the loss of valuable properties, but can also damage our health. How to avoid it? We suggest.

Expiration date and “open jar”

Each of us, buying a given cosmetic, wants it to serve as well and as long as possible. So at first we have to make sure that the product is not past its expiry date. Using expired products – especially on the face and around the eyes – can have serious consequences. Watch out for this and never underestimate the expiration date on the package!

Another equally important matter concerns the expiry date, i.e. the period of time during which you can safely use the product after it has been opened. This is indicated by the so-called symbol of an open jar, or actually a number or a digit (given in months). For example, if there is a jar with “6M” on it, it means that you can safely use the cream for six months.

If you are worried that you will not use up a given product, simply buy smaller volumes. Also, don’t open many products at once – can you use up four mascaras before they spoil? And watch out for sunscreen – it’s so unstable in its packaging that you need to buy new ones every year!

Storing cosmetics in the bathroom – yes or no?

It seems obvious that cosmetics pile up on our bathroom shelves. However, it turns out that these are not favorable conditions. This is a room where there are large temperature fluctuations (after evening baths, it increases significantly) and high humidity. Therefore, it may happen that the cream changes its consistency, delaminates or precipitates water. Bacteria may also multiply. Definitely, you can not keep cosmetics for skin care with vitamin C, retinol or acids. These require special conditions.

Protection from light and high temperature

The already mentioned high temperature adversely affects the quality of face, body and hair products. The best is a constant room temperature, which is maintained at 18-22 degrees Celsius. It is also inadvisable to place them near a heater, fireplace or other heat source, as well as directly in the sun or on a windowsill.

Some cosmetics are better stored in the refrigerator – we are talking about anti-wrinkle creams, eye creams and face masks, which are great for fighting puffiness and tightening the skin when they are cool. Those with natural ingredients and devoid of preservatives even need to be at a low temperature. The opposite is true for makeup and nail polish, and all products with silicones, waxes and oils.

We say no to air!

Air is necessary for life, but it is not good for cosmetics. If you don’t tighten the cap all the way, it can dry out or spoil quickly. Always check that everything is well and tightly closed. Be careful with mascara, too – try not to pump the air inside intensely. You won’t get any more product that way.

Replace your fingers with a chopstick and the jar with a tube

A few years ago, almost all cosmetics were sold in glass or plastic jars, into which we usually put our fingers to get a portion of the product. Nowadays, tubes and bottles with pumps or special dispensers are much more hygienic. If you have no choice, reach for a special applicator or spatula. Be aware that any action affects the cosmetics – both positive and negative.

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