Acne and the sun – what should you keep in mind?

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Acne is a problem that an increasing number of people are facing. It was once thought to affect only teenagers. Today, it is known that young people, but also mature people, struggle with acne. One of the well-known myths about this problem is that the sun cures acne. 

Is this really the case? Find the answer to this question and an explanation of the important issues related to the effects of sunlight on acne lesions in this article. 

Sun and acne – is it a good idea?

When you tan your acne-prone skin, you may feel that its condition is better than it was before sun exposure. This is because the sun will temporarily dry out blackheads and even out the skin tone. Unfortunately, after sunbathing, our skin begins to produce significantly more sebum. This environment is ideal for the growth of bacteria, which in turn strengthens acne. In addition, UV radiation makes the stratum corneum thicken and blackheads appear.

Exposure of acne-prone skin to the sun is therefore not the best idea. On the contrary, it usually worsens in the summer in people struggling with this problem. All due precisely to the increased amount of sebum secreted by the skin. 

How to protect the skin from the sun?

In summer, the most important thing is to protect your skin from the sun. This is especially important if you are struggling with acne. During hot weather, try to seek shade and use it, especially between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. This is when UV radiation is strongest. The sun’s rays penetrate through the surface of water and windows, so don’t forget to protect yourself when swimming and staying indoors.

Don’t forget to wear headgear in the summer. Not only does it protect your head from sunstroke, it also gives shade falling on your face. As a result, your complexion is also protected. 

Sunscreen is a must!

Dermatologists and cosmetologists agree – using sunscreen on your face all year round is essential for healthy and beautiful skin. It is best to choose SPF 50 cream, because it provides the most effective protection against UV radiation. Take care of this especially if you struggle with acne. Apply such a cream every morning in an amount equivalent to your two fingers (apply the product to the entire length of two fingers, and then put it on your face). If you notice that you sweat a lot or have been in contact with water, you should top up the cream.

What to look for when choosing a sunscreen?

When going to the drugstore or pharmacy to buy an SPF 50 cream, there are a few important things to keep in mind. It is important that the product is properly absorbed and does not leave a white film on the face. The creams may also have a strong fragrance – if you don’t like that, choose one that is unscented. Also, don’t forget about the consistency of the cream – different products can be more liquid or concentrated. 

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