Is using foundation bad for acne-prone skin?

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Problematic skin requires proper care, but even around this there are many myths floating around. Is one of them that facial makeup does harm? If you have imperfections and pimples, shouldn’t you apply foundation? Where does the truth lie? You can find the answer in the article below. Check it out!

Acne skin – what do you need to know about it?

Acne is one of the most common skin diseases that affects many women. On top of that, it is difficult to treat and requires the right choice of cosmetics and changes in eating habits. Let’s remember that our complexion is affected not only by cleansing and care, but also by what we eat, drink and the lifestyle we lead, whether we have a lot of stress and whether we get enough sleep.

It is worth noting that acne can manifest itself slightly differently in each of us. Sometimes these are pimples and pustules, other times subcutaneous papules, and they are usually accompanied by blackheads and redness. Of course, we don’t need to tell anyone how bad it is to squeeze anything on the face – not only do we spread germs this way, but we also risk discoloration and scarring. Excessive sebum secretion is also characteristic of acne-prone skin. 

The basis of care is careful cleansing (preferably in two stages – with oil, then water), moisturizing and gentle exfoliation of the epidermis. Products with alcohol are inadvisable. This ingredient not only dries out, but also irritates the skin, making it produce even more sebum which is a breeding ground for bacteria.

Makeup and acne skin – can you apply foundation or not?

It’s time to answer the question, what about makeup. Can owners of problem skin not apply foundation to it? And if they do, will their problems get worse? Of course we can apply foundation, powder and contouring cosmetics. However, we must remember to wash the sponge and brushes every day – otherwise they will become a breeding ground for bacteria.

For daily makeup, a liquid foundation will be great, which will not weigh down the skin, but will unify the skin tone. On the other hand, a concealer will be useful for covering larger imperfections. It is good to choose products enriched with nourishing and antibacterial ingredients, with an oil-free formula and non-comedogenic properties, i.e. not clogging pores. Consider buying a mineral foundation with natural ingredients, which is even safer for the skin. Meanwhile, fix the whole thing with a transparent powder – preferably not in a sweeping motion, but in a stamping motion.

On the other hand, let’s beware of creamy and thick foundations, which are heavily opaque, heavy and silicone-based. Also, there is no way to go to bed without removing makeup first, because the skin then has no opportunity to breathe, regenerate and in the morning may be in an even worse condition.

In conclusion, applying foundation with acne-prone skin is not harmful if you follow the above-mentioned tips. As they say, we approach everything with our head!

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