Acne of the scalp – why does it appear and how to get rid of it effectively?

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puberty and manifested by pimples on the face? Not always! Acne can also affect the scalp. How to get rid of it then?

Pimples, unsightly pimples – that is how acne manifests itself. If left untreated, it may leave scars on the face or body, which are difficult to remove. What is more, acne can also appear on the scalp. Why exactly in such a place? And what can be done to get rid of it once and for all?

Are you embarrassed by pimples in your hair? Get rid of them once and for all

Do you notice pimples on your scalp while washing or combing your hair? They may be a symptom of so-called scalp acne. Suddenly, you find yourself asking: Where did these pimples actually come from?

The process of pimple formation is complex. In most cases, blackheads, or simply put, dead skin on the scalp, are the basis for unsightly pimples. This inflammation of the scalp is accompanied by other symptoms such as dandruff, excessive scalp and hair greasiness and seborrhea. The symptoms must not be underestimated and must be treated as soon as possible.

First, let’s look at the possible causes of acne on the scalp. For sure, it can be caused by an unhealthy diet: fatty, based on processed products such as fast food. Hormonal imbalances also have an impact on the condition of our skin, including the skin on our head and the hair itself.

In addition, stress as well as the use of inappropriate products for scalp and hair care may be responsible for acne on the scalp.

How to treat scalp acne?

The worst thing you can do when dealing with acne on your scalp is to start squeezing out the pimples. As is the case with facial acne lesions, this can only lead to increased inflammation, leave unsightly scars and weaken or completely eliminate the hair follicles

First of all, to implement an effective scalp acne treatment, we need to determine the cause of the pimples. It will be best if a specialist: a dermatologist or a trichologist will help us to determine it. You should start by eliminating highly processed foods from your diet.

The next step is to choose the right cosmetics for washing your head. You should opt for natural shampoos without parabens and silicones because these chemical ingredients additionally dry out the scalp and may irritate it more

A popular home remedy to try to get rid of pimples from your scalp is aloe vera wraps, or rather, washing your scalp daily with aloe vera juice. This treatment will definitely help to alleviate the inflammation. Rinses made from other herbs, such as chamomile, may also help

What if home remedies do not help to get rid of scalp acne? Then you should undergo specialist treatment. The doctor will help us choose the method of treatment, he may prescribe antibacterial ointments for topical application.

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