is 10,000 steps a myth? Experts today present a very different theory about the daily minimum amount of exercise

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In order to stay healthy and slim you need to take at least 10 000 steps a day, which, if you count it in hours, means about 75 minutes of walking at a normal pace. And while this task is not difficult to accomplish during the weekend, during the working week it is a mission impossible for many. Is this a cause for concern?

They say that sport is good for you. And as to the validity of this statement, probably no one doubts. However, there are doubts among experts about the amount of daily exercise. Since the 60s of the XX century, it has been believed that 10 000 steps performed every day will not only ensure our slim figure but also our health.

However, experts from Harvard Medical School are of a different opinion today 4 400 steps a day. This amount of exercise is enough to improve heart function, increase concentration and memory, as well as reduce the risk of diabetes and minimize the risk of early death. Scientists also argue that a pedometer reading of more than 7,500 steps will not bring us any major benefits – except maybe extra calories

And what happens to our body if we don’t perform the daily minimum? Below 4,000 steps will not only be detrimental to our physical and mental condition, but will also slow down our metabolism, which in turn will contribute to faster weight gain..

So? Are we walking home today?

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