Eyelash care – what to do to make them longer?

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Each of us dreams of long and thick eyelashes. However, not all of us can enjoy their beautiful appearance. That is why it is worth knowing care methods that will make them longer.

It is worth knowing that the condition of eyelashes does not depend only on their care, but also on other factors, for example proper diet, healthy sleep, make-up habits and general condition of the body.

Artificial eyelashes

Currently, more and more women decide to extend their eyelashes. No wonder, because it is a big convenience. The biggest advantage of false eyelashes is that they do not need to be painted, which saves time. These eyelashes look nice 24 hours a day and after their application you can enjoy a good look for a few weeks. A wide selection of different types of artificial eyelashes and accessories for lengthening has a store Noble Lashes.

L eyelashes

They have a straight base and then twist at a large angle, shaped like the letter L. At https://noblelashes.pl/rzesy-l/ they come in several sizes and two shapes for a perfect fit.

Mink eyelashes

On the website https://noblelashes.pl/rzesy-z-norek-mink/ there are synthetic eyelashes available that look similar to natural Siberian mink fur. Users of this type of eyelashes appreciate it for the natural look, and by choosing the ones offered by Noble Lashes, i.e. synthetic, they contribute to environmental protection.

Proper makeup removal

It probably happened to you after a hard and long day to give up on makeup removal or to do it quickly and not very carefully. This is not good for the condition of your eyelashes, so always remember to remove your makeup. Do it gently, avoiding rubbing your lashes with a cotton pad. Soak a cotton pad and press it against your eyelid.

Reach for a conditioner

The best natural eyelash conditioner is castor oil. It should be applied on well-washed and dried eyelashes. The best way to do this is with an eyelash brush or brush. Apply the oil at night, on the lash line and throughout the length of your lashes. In the morning, wash off any remaining product. First of all, castor oil will accelerate the growth of new eyelashes and make them grow longer. It also helps inhibit eyelash loss.

Other conditioners, whether drugstore or homemade, if rich in minerals and minerals, can also strengthen your lashes. You can also try olive oil, petroleum jelly or green tea.

Eyelash curlers and mascaras

If you use an eyelash curler very often, it can weaken your lashes and make them fall out excessively. So limit its use as much as possible. Also remember to use proven mascaras. Use waterproof ones only in exceptional situations as they dry out your lashes. Try to change your mascara at least once every three months. Do not share your mascara with anyone and do not borrow it from anyone. Don’t forget that as important as the quality of mascara is, the quantity is also important. Do not apply several or more layers of mascara at one time. The more mascara, the heavier the burden on your hair. If you don’t have to, try to limit mascara use – give your lashes time to rest and regenerate.

Good habits

To keep your lashes in good condition, remember to brush them (with a clean brush) as well. Wash your mascara brushes after each use. You can also massage your eyelids at the lash line. This will help stimulate the hair follicles. A healthy and balanced diet is also very important.

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