4 ways to be a more environmentally conscious consumer

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Nowadays, ecology, especially in the fashion industry, is extremely important and continues to gain popularity. After all, caring about the environment equals caring about health. But what can you do to be a more environmentally conscious consumer? Learn 4 ways to be an eco-consumer!

In order for our environmental awareness to increase, there are a few facts to know and not to be an eco-ignorant. It is well known that consumer behavior and industrialization have a big impact on the environment. We – as consumers – are responsible for both the current and future state of our planet. We may think that our small, individual actions will have no immediate or major impact on the environment, but we all have to start somewhere. The first steps start a movement toward improving our planet, and if everyone works together, the results can come much faster. That’s why we should raise our environmental awareness as consumers. How Explore ways to achieve a greener lifestyle through fashion – from the brands we buy to the way we wear clothes.

1. Pay attention to what you buy!

The fashion industry is responsible for huge amounts of the world’s carbon emissions and wasted water, so it’s important to buy brands that use a more sustainable supply chain – such as traditional Italian outerwear brand Herno.

Since 2016, Herno has invested in machinery, fabrics and dyeing techniques to produce its goods more sustainably. The brand’s new collection includes green materials such as Fast5Degradable, a nylon made from 6.6 Amni Soul Eco polyamide yarn that was created using a full degradation process that takes only five years compared to 50 years for regular nylon.

2. Opt for comfortable eco shoes and eco clothing! And let your feet do the work, not the mechanical horses!

An active lifestyle can greatly improve your physical and mental health. Traveling by car or train may be a more comfortable option, but if you can, consider hiking to a coffee shop or grocery store – all you need is a comfortable pair of shoes and appropriate outerwear to keep you warm and dry. If you’re having a stressful day, take a break from your smartphone and appreciate your surroundings – even if it’s just a ten minute walk around the neighborhood. Being eco and taking care of the environment is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle. And one of its markers is the vegan footwear trend. Remember, when limiting leather products, the demand for animal-derived items is greatly reduced.

3. Opt for extra pieces in your eco-friendly closet instead of using extra energy for heating!

Does the heater in your apartment really need to be turned up to maximum all the time? Sometimes wearing an extra layer or warm coat can help us stay comfortable without using up excess energy from our heating systems. So it’s worth investing in outerwear that can also be worn inside. Herno’s Globe collection, for example, includes many styles that are suitable for indoor wear – like bomber jackets and capes – and provide both warmth and style. What’s more, they’re made from 100 percent organic materials.

4. Buy fewer clothes, but better quality!

Finally, when it comes to shopping habits, prioritizing durable premium clothing over cheap trends is really the most sensible option. Buying less – but better – should really be something to consider when investing in your closet. Do you really think you’re saving money by buying more, but at a lower price? Nothing could be further from the truth! On top of that, you’re putting the planet at risk because you can’t be sure of the quality of the materials you’re buying, you don’t know what process they were created using, and they’re definitely not eco-friendly. When you buy a good quality product from a reliable source, you are betting on sustainable fashion that will last for years.

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