How to optically lengthen the silhouette?

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Fashion is all about having fun with it, and it can also be a very helpful tool in bringing out all your assets and covering up any imperfections. We tell you how you can use clothes to make your silhouette look longer

High-waisted pants

If you want to optically lengthen your legs, and at the same time shape your figure around the waist, high-waisted pants will be your undeniable ally. You can wear them with anything, but they will look best with fitted blouses and shirts tucked in. It is also important to choose a model with the right length. A ¾ length will not be the best idea, it is better to go for classic ankle length. To emphasize the waistline you may also wear a contrasting belt, and if you want to lengthen your silhouette even more, match it with classic stilettos

Speaking of stilettos, remember that they are an absolutely iconic and timeless piece of clothing, which you can match with any outfit. Whether you choose classic stilettos, sandals or high-heeled boots, you can be sure that your silhouette will be elongated.

Deep V neckline

If you want to elongate your upper body, a deep V neckline will do wonders. Choose blouses, shirts and sweaters with such necklines, and you will be sure that your silhouette will optically lengthen. For an extra feminine touch, add some eye-catching accents and a variety of delicate or heavier necklaces.

Dresses and skirts with slits

If you’re a fan of midi or maxi lengths, then dresses and skirts with slits are perfect for you. This way the length to the ground will not seem overwhelming, which is often the case for short women, but delicate and airy. This simple element gives lightness to the creation. In addition, dresses and skirts with a slit are extremely sensual and feminine, as well as extremely fashionable this season – especially if you choose a model made of satin.

Shoes with pointed toes

Everyone knows that high heels elongate the figure. But did you know you can get that effect with flat shoes, too? Just choose a model with pointed toes. This model will elongate your legs and you won’t have to suffer all day walking in heels. But remember to choose shoes in a flesh color as close to your skin as possible, because then the effect will be even better.

Vertical stripes on clothes

Besides specific cuts, you can also look for clothes with a specific pattern. More specifically, with vertical stripes, because they can optically add a few centimeters. This trick has been used for years by low-key celebrities on the red carpet. Of course, the best combination is black and white, which are the most contrasting colors, but any vertical stripe will do. Contrary to what you may think, horizontal and diagonal stripes are also not the worst solution for short women, although they will not lengthen the silhouette as much. Remember, however, to avoid any oval or floral patterns and overwhelming.

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