5 fall fashion trends that will also be hot in spring

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Even though autumn is already in full swing and the last leaves are falling from the trees, it’s still a good time to check out this season’s fashion trends. Especially considering the fact that those listed below will remain hot also in spring. So what is worth stocking your closet with?

Feminine maxi dresses

Although most people associate maxi dresses with the summer, holiday season this autumn they should not be hidden deep in the closet! They reign supreme at the biggest fashion shows. You could see them at Celine, Balenciaga or Valentino shows

What should be the fashionable maxi dress this autumn? In this case, all kinds of boho cuts will work perfectly, combined with cowboy boots and carelessly thrown long coat. Hit are also those models that wrap the body tightly, made of velvet or knit. A huge advantage of maxi dresses is also that they allow you to hide excess pounds accumulated during the evening chilling with Netflix

Floral prints

Flowers are another trend this fall that will also work perfectly for spring. This year the designers have focused on color, and where else can you find it more than on shirts, dresses and pants decorated with flowers?

In this case, it is best to bet on models decorated with large flowers, which, combined with thick tights and knee-high boots, will create a stunning look, full of freshness and color. Then, in spring, all you need to do is replace the boots with stilettos or sneakers and you’ll be able to conquer the streets again with a slightly modified version of this look

Predators on clothes, or animal prints

Tiger, panther, snake skin and any other animal print is a total must have for the coming months for fashion lovers! Until recently associated with kitsch, today these prints conquer the catwalks and streets of cities around the world

It is therefore worth investing in a leopard skirt, which can be styled with a classic shirt for the office, and combined with a silk top will be perfect for a date. If you do not feel comfortable with such patterns, it is worth buying at least one accessory in this style. It can be shoes or a handbag, which will allow you to easily fit into the fashion trends of this fall and upcoming spring

Purple Vertigo

There’s no room for dull and drab colors this year, because color is king! And especially purple! However, not the dull and dark version, but an intense shade which emphasizes beauty and enlivens styling

This color is present on coats, sweaters, hats and scarves. It goes well with other intense colors such as lime, pink or red. In addition, when the cloudy autumn days pass, it will also work perfectly in spring styling


Eco-leather has been in fashion for a few seasons now and has no intention at all of giving way to other trends. Therefore, you will still see leather tops, dresses and jackets in the coming period

However, the hottest trend this fall is leather coats! Obligatorily super long, somewhat reminiscent of costumes from the Matrix. Their great advantage is that they slenderize the silhouette and create a fashionable look in no time. They look the prettiest in shades of caramel, grey or classic browns and black!

All of these trends have one thing in common – not only will they allow you to look fashionable this fall, but they will also work for spring. Therefore, if you don’t have any of the clothes in this style in your closet yet, plan your shopping today!

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