What does regular running give us? We remind you the advantages of jogging and tell you where to start

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Running is an extremely popular sport. The only thing we need for it are comfortable shoes, favorite route and… time and willingness. That is all you need to start your adventure with sport, which can bring many benefits to your health. Why is it worth starting today?

How to start jogging?

The best way to start jogging is… running! At the beginning you do not need any special equipment for classic jogging. All you need is your favourite tracksuit and comfortable shoes. At the beginning regularity is the key to training. At the beginning plan 3-4 trainings per week. It’s worth starting even with a 20-minute run, interspersed with fast walking. The main thing is not to get discouraged, and every day set yourself higher and higher

Benefits of regular running

The benefits of regular jogging are numerous. If you haven’t made the decision to run yet, check out why you should seriously consider it!

Running helps you lose weight

Jogging is a great way to burn calories. It doesn’t matter if you run on a treadmill or outdoors. The effect is the same – we lose weight. However, if you want to start running to shed excess pounds, remember to start with slow and short workouts. As your weight decreases, you can increase the assumed distance. This way you will not put too much strain on your joints

Running helps to increase appetite

We all know well how important regular meals are in our diet and in the functioning of our body. If we are struggling with lack of appetite, it is worth starting jogging if only to increase it and improve our diet. Regular running also has a positive effect on our digestion

Running improves our sleep

Intense workout makes our body get oxygenated, and that’s a great way to get a good night’s sleep. However, it also works the other way – to training was effective and did not lead to overtraining, you need to sleep well

Running has a positive effect on the respiratory system

Oxygenating the body, as you can easily guess, also improves the condition of our lungs. Although at the beginning of training shortness of breath may appear, with time it will become less frequent, until it finally disappears completely. We will not catch it even while climbing the stairs

Running improves the work of cardiovascular system..

According to a study conducted for the British Journal of Sports Medicine, people who jogged regularly had a 30% lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease. So there’s no doubt that regular jogging benefits the cardiovascular system

…and the musculoskeletal system

Running helps strengthen muscles and joints, strengthens the skeleton, and prevents osteoporosis. It also improves bone density, especially in the back, hips and legs

Jogging makes us feel better

Achieving our goals is very satisfying. We feel proud of our achievements and build our self-esteem. While running we calm our mind and lower the stress level. Some people treat jogging as a kind of meditation. After the workout the body is full of good energy and it is much easier for us to concentrate. So it is a great way to start the day.

Main photo: Kate Trifo/unsplash.com

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