The sirt diet – highlights of the weight loss method to which Adele owes her spectacular metamorphosis

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The sirt diet is best known for the stunning results it produced for British singer Adele, who lost more than 40 pounds. Let’s find out the secrets from “The Sirtfood Diet.”

Adele, winner of 15 Grammy Awards, is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable artists of recent years. In addition to her countless successes in the music industry, the singer can also boast of getting everyone’s attention after the metamorphosis she underwent. Thanks to the sirt diet, she lost more than 40 pounds

What is the sirt diet?

The sirt diet was developed by Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, researchers at the University of Surrey in England. They presented it in their book “The Sirtfood Diet”, published in 2016, and the main tenets of this way of losing weight include not only a caloric deficit, but mainly increasing the levels of sirtuins in the body. However, what are sirtuins? Sirtuins are nothing but a group of seven proteins that are involved in many important processes in the body. Sirtuins are believed to slow down the aging process, while they accelerate fat burning and have a positive effect on metabolism. The higher the levels of these proteins in the body, the better – research findings suggest that obese people have lower levels of sirtuins than normal weight people

What are sirtfoods?

The sirtuin diet is based on introducing into the daily menu food products that are rich in activators of valuable sirtuins – the authors of the diet hailed them as sirtfoods. These are mainly products of plant origin containing antioxidant compounds. The sirtfoods include vegetables such as kale, spinach and arugula, fruits, mainly berries, as well as soybeans, red wine in small amounts, nuts, coffee or chocolate with a high cocoa content. We must remember that the sirt diet is primarily focused on the introduction of healthy, unprocessed products to the menu, rather than any elimination. The menu consists mainly of green smoothies and solid meals, which should be rich in sirtfoods.

What does the sirt diet look like?

The sirt diet is divided into two phases, which consist of several stages. The first phase lasts 7 days and the second phase lasts 14 days. During the first three days of the diet, the calorie intake is limited to 1000 kcal, in the following days it increases to 1500 kcal. In the second phase there are no calorie restrictions imposed – instead, the diet focuses on the regularity of meals (three a day, preferably at equal intervals, but we should avoid eating the last meal shortly before going to bed). For both phases it is important to drink vegetable shakes and consume plenty of products rich in sirtuin activators. Due to the low calorie content during the first week of the diet, intense physical activity is not recommended

Is the sirt diet healthy?

This diet is quite controversial due to its rather strong caloric deficit. Its opponents believe that 1000 kcal is far too little for anyone and consuming such a small number of calories adversely affects our health and body functions. Moreover, it may cause yo-yo effect, unwanted by all who care about losing extra pounds. The results of sirt diet are visible immediately, but they can disappear just as quickly. However, apart from radical calorie restrictions, the assumptions of this diet plan are not unhealthy. The nutritional products on which it is based are the articles that we should include in our menu regardless of whether we care about losing weight or not. In this situation, nutritionists propose a kind of compromise – the inclusion in the diet of sirtfoods and a rational, not so strong caloric deficit. Although the effects of such a diet will not be as fast as in the case of Adele, but thanks to them we will avoid the yo-yo effect, and our body will not begin to rebel because of too little energy supplied to it

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