5 beauty benefits of cherries

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They ripen in July and it is best to wait until they turn blood-red because then they are the tastiest. Cherries, as they are called, are not only delicious but also have many beauty properties

They are not as sweet as cherries, but they are loved by many enthusiasts of seasonal fruits. There’s also a reason why something is said to be the “icing on the cake,” or the crowning glory of some creation. In summer, in addition to picking them, making preserves of them for the colder months, adding to cakes or preparing tasty liqueurs, we also take advantage of their beauty properties, and it turns out that cherries have quite a lot of them.

The season for cherry skin care is in full swing. Treat your skin to this pleasure

The cherry fruit has quite a lot of cosmetic properties, which is used among others by cosmetics manufacturers. The juicy cherry is an ingredient of body lotions, makeup removers, lipsticks or nourishing serums. Both cherry fruit and cherry blossom extract are used in the production of soaps, hair shampoos, bath gels and body scrubs. What is more, products with cherry extract smell beautiful

We have chosen 5 best, in our opinion, beauty properties of cherry. Have you heard about them?

1. Cherry fruits perfectly moisturize and regenerate the skin

Cosmetics with cherry fruit extract are recommended especially for people with sensitive, dry skin prone to irritation. It is worth buying bath gel or body lotion with cherry extract, it is best to bet on a natural, ecological product and carefully read the composition. Cherries provide our skin with valuable elements such as potassium, zinc, magnesium, as well as B vitamins. They contain antioxidants, so cosmetics with their extract can be easily used by people with mature skin.

2. Cherries are a natural antidote for wrinkles

Cherry blossom extract perfectly deals with the signs of aging. It penetrates deep into the epidermis, thus smoothing out wrinkles and even being able to reduce their size.

3. Cherry blossoms are a remedy for skin problems

Cherry tree blossoms are a very valuable source of bioactive minerals. And what does this actually mean? It means that they soothe e.g. slight skin inflammations and for this reason they are often used in cosmetics as a relaxing and soothing ingredient.

4. Cherry extract is an ally of strong and shiny hair

In addition to being good for the body, it is also good for the scalp and hair. Cherry extract contained in shampoos or conditioners will make our locks more flexible, but also gives shine to the hair and strengthens its shade (especially color-treated).

5. Cherry-based lipsticks keep lips moisturised and full of juicy color

Lipsticks based on cherry components are ideal for all sudden weather changes. They protect against frost, wind, sun, prevent drying or cracking of the lips. They also leave a subtle trace of red on the lips.

DIY natural cosmetics from cherries. How to make them yourself?

At home you can also make your own regenerating and nourishing cherry mask, which is great for sensitive skin – rough and dry. How to make it? You need to prepare a handful of washed cherries and core them (remove the stones from the fruit). Then crush the cherries with a fork and add a spoonful of potato flour to the resulting slurry and mix thoroughly. Such a mixture should be applied on the face for 15 minutes. After the recommended time, wash with lukewarm water. Such a natural cherry fruit mask is rich in potassium, calcium and magnesium. The cherry extract also has a pore tightening effect.

You can also make a cherry mask by mixing cherries without seeds with a few drops of olive oil and lemon juice. Such an enhancing cherry mask is an antidote to skin imperfections and even freckles caused by excessive tanning.

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Main Photo: R Khalil/ pexels.com

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