Ecological equivalents of popular hygiene products

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An eco-friendly lifestyle is no longer just a trend, but an action that can help protect the environment. Why should we reduce the production of plastic containers? And how can bamboo help us? Check it out!

Plastic is cheap, durable, and using it is very convenient. However, the victim of plastic is the earth. Tons of such packaging end up in “natural” landfills – in seas and oceans. Surely you have seen a turtle entangled in a disposable plastic bag. The sight is horrifying. Some plastics have toxic properties in them that can harm humans too. You may be wondering how? Floating trash in the water releases substances that are absorbed by fish that live in tanks. These animals then end up on our plates, and in turn, get into our bodies as well

How to reduce plastic consumption?

Minimize the production of unnecessary packaging. We should always take a reusable bag when we go shopping and choose hygiene products that we use on a daily basis from materials other than plastic. This is where bamboo comes to the rescue! It has revolutionized the market of ecological products. This material is considered environmentally friendly. Check out these three products created with the wooden stems of this plant:

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