Skin care in spring and summer – skin care basics

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In spring and summer our skin requires a different approach to care than in autumn and winter. The days are sunnier, warmer and longer, so we spend more time outdoors. So how to take care of your skin during these seasons? What cosmetics should be used in spring and summer?

Thorough cleansing

An important skin care procedure during the warmer months is a thorough and gentle cleansing of the skin. It allows you to remove dead skin, impurities, excess sebum and cosmetic residues. Cleansing gives the opportunity to refresh the skin and prepare it to accept valuable active ingredients. You should reach for cosmetics tailored to your skin type. It is worth remembering that the morning care should use milder ingredients than the evening care, because during the day the effects of these substances may be exacerbated by UV radiation. Mild foams, gels, lotions, milks and micellar liquids are suitable for washing and removing makeup. In addition, once a week it is worth to perform peeling, which will exfoliate dead skin cells and remove deep-seated impurities

Moisturize your skin

UV rays, high temperatures, and air conditioning can dry out skin. This means that moisturizing your complexion becomes crucial in spring and summer. Cosmetics used during the warmer seasons should have a light texture. This is especially important if you have oily or combination skin. These skin types are easily overburdened and lead to an unsightly effect of shining face.

Appropriate face cream for spring and summer is light and easily absorbed. In its composition you can find moisturizing and soothing ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, aloe vera gel, panthenol or glycerin. It is worth to enrich the cream with antioxidants neutralizing free radicals and anti-aging ingredients. After the application of the cosmetic the skin should be properly moisturized and smoothed, look fresh and healthy.

Sun Protection

We spend a lot of time outdoors in spring and summer. This means that we need to pay attention to proper sun protection. Due to the sun, discoloration and other imperfections can appear on the skin. The skin becomes dry, irritated and reddened. We may also notice a loss of firmness, new wrinkles and other effects of photoaging of the skin. Therefore, sun protection is very important in times of increased sun exposure.

Every day you should apply an appropriate cosmetic with a UV filter with a degree of protection adapted to the complexion and sensitivity of the skin. Such creams should be in every cosmetic bag. Cosmetics with a filter should be applied not only when sunbathing, but also every time you go out in the sun. They protect the skin against premature aging and loss of moisture, but also against burns and cancer.

Nourishing your skin

In spring and summer, the skin requires a supply of nutrients and antioxidants. During this time, many adverse factors affect it – UV radiation, dry air, salty or chlorinated water and pollution. In addition, under the influence of sunlight, free radicals destroy collagen fibers, which weakens the tension and firmness of the skin. Therefore, in spring and summer it is necessary to use cosmetics with vegetable oils, extracts and vitamins A, C and E. These substances will nourish the skin and strengthen its natural protective layer, thanks to which it will be more effective in defending itself against adverse factors.

Refresh your complexion

In the summer, refreshing face mists provide protection and relaxation for the skin. Cosmetics moisturize, care for and refresh the skin. They can preserve make-up and provide relief on hot days. They can soothe irritation and cool heated skin. Some mists have a brightening and revitalizing effect. They can regenerate the skin and prevent imperfections. Their advantage is not only the care effect, but also the convenience of use.

Skin care in spring and summer consists in protecting the skin against harmful factors such as UV radiation and providing it with moisturizing and nourishing substances. It is also worth taking care of cleansing and refreshing the skin, using cosmetics designed for this purpose. Thanks to all the procedures discussed above, your skin will repay you with a beautiful, radiant look and will keep your summer tan for longer.

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