Vascular skin – what cosmetics will work best?

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Flushed cheeks, dilated blood vessels, and often skin lesions – this is the type of problems owners of vascular skin struggle with. Do you know it? If so, check which cosmetics are worth including in your daily care, and which are better to avoid.

Features of vascular skin

Vascular skin is delicate and very thin, and therefore also sensitive to temperature changes, weather changes, cosmetics, alcohol, as well as stress and other strong emotions. Blood vessels have weak walls and are quite shallow. Hence there is often erythema on the face, accompanied by unpleasant tightening and burning sensations. Another feature of vascular skin are spider veins located on the nose, cheeks and chin. In the most advanced cases, rosacea appears, which already requires professional dermatological treatment.

The main thing in caring for vascular skin is to strengthen it and provide it with adequate protection. At the same time, we should remember that the best results will be obtained if we are systematic.

What cosmetics to use for cleansing vascular skin?

The basic stage of any skin care is careful cleansing of the skin from makeup residues and impurities accumulated during the day. We recommend a two-step cleansing – first with a cleansing oil, and then with a water-based product. Importantly, always choose cosmetics whose packaging clearly and clearly states that they are intended for this type of skin. Otherwise, we can do ourselves more harm than good.

So let’s look for products that will have panthenol, allantoin, B vitamins and plant extracts in their composition. And when it comes to scrubs, let’s reach only for enzymatic scrubs – not only will they exfoliate dead skin perfectly, but also they will not irritate the skin or damage already fragile vessels.

Which vascular skin care products will be best?

Cleansing the skin is important, but after it we absolutely must apply skin care products. In this case, too, look for those that seal the vessels and take care of them. Masks, creams and lotions should therefore be enriched with panthenol, glycerin, vitamins C, K, E, vegetable oils, algae extracts, arnica montana, horse chestnut extract and rutin. In turn, for the night, let’s ensure proper hydration and regeneration. 

One more valuable note – with vascular skin, don’t move without sunscreen. Apply it every morning throughout the year. It will not only create an additional protective layer, but also act as a mirror, reflecting the sun’s harmful rays.

Vascular skin – let’s beware of it!

It is not difficult to see that vascular skin requires special treatment. So let’s get rid of and never again buy face soaps and cosmetics with alcohol and fruit acids, peppermint, menthol, propylene glycol or strong fragrances. Also, let’s not wash our face with hot water, rub it hard with a towel, cloth or tissue, or use face brushes or rough sponges. In addition, let’s give up face tanning, saunas and tanning beds, hot water baths, and stimulants and spicy foods.

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