Here are 4 common exercises that most people do incorrectly

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Most of us like to play sports. This is good, because physical activity positively affects our health and well-being. However, it turns out that there are exercises that we do wrong.

In recent months, gyms have been closed almost all the time. All because of the coronavirus pandemic. This has undoubtedly affected physical activity. Many people also choose to do their own workouts at home or in the woods (if there is no ban on leaving the house). This has its pros and cons. We learn self-denial and self-discipline, but a trainer is not only supposed to motivate us to exercise. An expert accompanying us at the gym often suggests how to perform certain movements correctly and safely for our health. It turns out that it is very easy to make mistakes. Then the exercises, instead of helping – can do harm. Especially that at home we often replace professional equipment with things we find in it

Take care of the correctness of exercises and spend some time on them

It is important to remember that only the correct execution of individual movements and properly prepared workouts allow you to avoid injuries and achieve the desired results. So if you exercise regularly and do not notice any changes in your silhouette, it is a signal that something may be wrong. Mistakes are most often made when we are in a hurry. For example, we want to finish the workout faster to catch our favorite movie, or we rush to work. However, we should remember that slow but correctly performed movements will be much more effective than fast, incorrect ones – even if we repeat them more times. What matters is quality, not quantity

1. Plank – how to perform it correctly?

The plank is a popular exercise that allows you to engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously. This is because the muscles of the back, abdomen, arms and legs work here. Thanks to this we quickly get the effect of a sculpted, shapely body. However, it turns out that this is one of the exercises that we repeatedly do wrong. Very often, the person who does the plank has hips that are too low and shoulders that are collapsing

How do you perform a plank correctly? The key is to keep your shoulders above your elbows. It is also important to keep the glutes tight and the elbows drawn to the feet. The spine and neck should be fairly relaxed. Therefore, first place your forearms firmly and steadily on the ground. Then extend both legs behind you and lift your hips. Lean back, of course, on your toes. Tighten your abdominal muscles and remain in this position for several minutes, breathing deeply and calmly

2. Squat – we often do it wrong

It would seem that squat is one of the most common exercises that children do already in primary school. It turns out, however, that very often we perform it incorrectly. As a rule, this is due to the fact that we focus on as many squats as possible, and not on their technique. While performing squat, we must keep whole feet on the ground. We can’t hunch over – our back should be straight and our head should be raised. The arms are stretched out in front of you. It is better to do a few squats less, but do it properly

3. Push-ups – watch out for these mistakes

Push-ups are great for strengthening arms, but this popular exercise is also often performed incorrectly. Most often we lift our hips too low or too high. Also, elbows cannot be too wide – this, in turn, may lead to injury. Therefore, during the exercise, remember to keep a straight line from head to toe. Your elbows should be at shoulder height and your hands should be in an even line with your shoulders. It is also crucial that your elbows do not bend sideways, but towards your feet

4. Trips – not so easy

Trips are not as easy as they seem. Technique is also important here. The knee should be above the toe line. It is also very important that the spine remains straight. During the exercise, we must remember to keep the shoulder blades tight, the chest up, and the pelvis and trunk vertical. It is important to know that the tricks are most effective when we go down very low.

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