Which beauty treatments should you not do while pregnant? Here are the facts and myths

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Just a few years ago there was a belief that you can not perform beauty treatments during pregnancy. But it turns out that many of them are allowed – check which ones!

When a woman becomes pregnant, many changes occur in her life. They concern not only her appearance and mood. In connection with this exceptional state many myths have appeared. It turns out that many of them, especially those concerning the blessed state, are still valid today. It is time to dispel these myths!

Don’t colour your hair when pregnant – true or false?

There are many myths about what pregnant women can and cannot do. One of them is that hair should not be painted. The latest research shows that substances contained in hair dyes are not very toxic. There is no doubt, however, that hair dyes with ammonia should be avoided. The hair colouring cosmetics currently available on the market do not produce any harmful or toxic fumes. According to experts, they are not able to penetrate the bloodstream, so it is in no way harmful to the unborn baby. However, ladies who are very worried about it can dye their hair leaving about 1 cm of growth or refrain from colouring it for the first 3 months of pregnancy

Pregnant women should not wash their hair more than once a week

Another myth that needs to be debunked is that pregnant women should not wash their hair too often – “once a week is enough”. There are no medical reasons for this. Pregnant women’s hair needs the same care as it did when she was pregnant. The fact is, however, that hair does not get greasy as often during pregnancy. This is due to hormones and the activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp.

Can you paint your nails during pregnancy?

A pregnant woman often feels unwell in her body. She is achy, gains weight, and in addition her hormones are booming. No wonder that especially in this period she wants to take care of herself. And here comes another question – can you do manicure during pregnancy, which is one of the basic beauty treatments? The answer is: you can. Manicure is completely safe, but you should refrain from using strong chemicals and those with a sharp and irritating smell. Experts caution not to do it too often, because polishes often have a strong smell, which can cause nausea, and in extreme cases dizziness. Some doctors also require their patients to wash off the nail polish before delivery (this is to control the patient’s health and check whether the nails turn blue)

photo: Daria Shevtsova/ pexels.com

Massage not advisable – truth or myth?

This is another fairly common myth. Massage is even advisable and recommended for pregnant women, especially in the later weeks, when there are pains in the spine or legs. As you know, it must be done correctly by a specialist. Proper compressions can get rid of swollen limbs and relieve discomfort in the lumbar region. However, you cannot do massages on your own and use the help of people who are not familiar with it.

Permanent makeup – can you or can’t you?

The answer is: you can not. This procedure is not recommended for pregnant women. First of all, it is associated with pain and stress associated with it, which can harm the baby. Besides, you should also know that due to hormonal changes, the dye may change its shade and not look as expected

These treatments are certainly not recommended during pregnancy

It is true, on the other hand, that any kind of treatment with electrical devices should be avoided during pregnancy. Laser therapy, acid peels and strong exfoliating treatments are also prohibited. Also, aesthetic medicine treatments must be left for later by the pregnant woman

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