Why do teenagers “often and thickly” lose their hair and is this a cause for concern?

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The hormonal storm during puberty is manifested not only by mood swings, pimples on the skin, but also hair loss. However, this is not the only reason for this condition. Let us explain!

Causes of Adolescent Hair Loss


Teenage years are the time of puberty. Some people experience this period smoothly while for others, the raging hormones cause skin and hair problems as well as emotional problems

When it comes to the effects of hormones on hair, they can either cause excessive hair loss or excessive oiliness. Genetic background also plays a big role here. Sometimes, we are simply not meant to have a lush head of hair and there is nothing we can do about it.


Hair may also fall out due to antibiotic therapy or the use of other strong medicines. The cause may also be improperly chosen hormonal medication and, in the case of women, contraceptives.

These drugs are prescribed to regulate the body’s hormonal balance, stabilize the menstrual cycle or reduce period pain. As a side effect, they can also help get rid of skin problems.

Poor diet

Just as in adulthood, poor nutrition takes a toll on hair and skin, among other things. Bad eating habits – eating on the run and at irregular times, processed foods or sweets – mean that the body does not get the nutrients it needs. Hair loss can also occur in the case of obsessive or reckless dieting.

Dietary habits

Along with the lack of balanced meals there is also the use of stimulants, i.e. alcohol, cigarettes or coffee, which adolescents also abuse

Nicotine addiction, for example, takes a toll not only on health but also on outward appearance. The skin is hypoxic and its microcirculation is disturbed, the complexion turns yellow. Hair also becomes weak and begins to fall out.


Constant tension is the cause of many health problems, including those related to hair, or rather excessive hair loss. Hormonal swings in teenagers are associated with strong emotions, to which they are extremely susceptible.

Remedies for Hair Loss

Once we know the cause of hair loss in adolescence, we can proceed to eliminate it. A thorough analysis is really necessary here.

If the root of the problem is hormonal, then we have to visit either an endocrinologist or a gynecologist and conduct the appropriate tests. Then it will be possible to choose the right medication (usually in the form of vitamin preparations), which will not eliminate the loss of hair completely, but will definitely slow it down. To completely get rid of this problem you need to wait until the body matures.

There is nothing special about it, it is quite a common problem and as long as there are no extreme cases of balding spots on the head, there is rather no reason to worry. However, if something alarms us, then it is worth going to a trichologist, who will assess the condition of the scalp, hair, make a diagnosis and propose appropriate treatment.

In the case of a poorly balanced diet, we must also cut out of the menu the already mentioned processed foods and sweets, as well as salty snacks or very fatty meals. Their place should be taken mainly by vegetables and fruits. A proper diet in combination with at least moderate physical activity helps to deal with disrupted hormones faster.

We should also remember that we can cause excessive hair loss on our own request. How? With improper coloring and other treatments that badly affect the condition of not only the hair itself, but also the scalp.

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