Is the use of tampons unhealthy?

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Tampons are beloved by women all over the world. But are they really safe to use?

Women have come to love tampons. They are comfortable and invisible even when wearing thin, fitted pants. Thanks to them, you can go to the pool or beach without worrying that someone will see that you have your period. However, there are many voices that say tampons are not healthy. What is it really like?

Wearing tampons can cause TSS?

Tampons can harm your health, but this happens really rarely. It used to be that tampons could contribute to TSS, a toxic blood infection. However, it is important to remember that decades ago tampons were more harmful because chlorine was used to bleach them. The large amount of chemicals and contact with the vagina contributed to toxins seeping into the body. Modern tampons are much safer, no longer using such chemicals in their production.

Tampons are not recommended for women with heavy periods

Ladies who bleed profusely during menstruation should refrain from using tampons, since in such cases they can block the flow of blood with pieces of the endometrium. They then retract inward, and this can contribute to the occurrence of various ailments and diseases of the reproductive system.

Frequent replacement of tampons is important

A tampon will not be harmful if it is replaced frequently. Of course, this depends on the intensity of bleeding, but it is recommended to change it even every 3 hours during the first days of menstruation. Keeping a tampon too long can contribute to infection. 

Who should give up tampons?

Tampons are undoubtedly not for everyone. Specialists advise against them for women who have an IUD inserted. This is because there is some risk that by removing the tampon from the vagina, the IUD will also be removed. 

Can virgins wear tampons?

Many young girls who are virgins wonder whether they too can use tampons. They can, but those in the mini version, so as not to cause discomfort. However, it happens that girls feel pain when using even small tampons, in which case it is recommended that they abandon them.

How to properly apply a tampon?

A tampon will not harm or irritate if it is applied correctly. It is important to wash your hands thoroughly before and after inserting it into the vagina. Remove the foil, spread the labia and insert it deep into the vagina with the index finger. The tampon can be inserted in various positions, most often women squat. Proof that the tampon has been properly inserted is that it is completely undetectable. 

It happens that some women, despite the correct application of the tampon, all the time have the impression that it seduces them. Often they tell themselves this, being aware that there is a foreign body stuck in the vagina. In such situations it is better to give up tampons in favor of sanitary pads.

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