Porridge on the face – where does it come from and how to fight it?

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Allergic reaction, hormonal disorders, improper care… The reasons for the appearance of porridge on the face can be many. Are there any home methods to get rid of this ailment?

A face rash is a characteristic skin rash that appears on the face – usually on the forehead, temples or cheeks. Small lumps can be felt under the fingers, and are often also visible to the naked eye. The appearance of facial cough can be caused by many factors. So we don’t necessarily have to go to a dermatologist right away.

Porridge on the face looks so characteristic that it is difficult to confuse it with other skin lesions. The papules are located under the skin, so they are not usually white, black or red in color. The papules also do not have distinct tips that make us so eager to squeeze out skin lesions.

Porridge on the face – causes

A face cough appears in the form of a subcutaneous eruption when pores and sebaceous glands are clogged. The three main causes of the appearance of porridge on the face are: hormonal changes, improper diet, poor skin care.

When porridge appears on our face, we should answer some questions:

  • Have we recently changed our facial cosmetics? Allergies to certain ingredients of cosmetics, both skin care and makeup, can cause the formation of porridge. We may also find that new cosmetics are clogging us – meaning they are too heavy for our skin;
  • Have we recently eaten something new / changed our diet? A food allergy may be responsible for causing facial cough. The quality of our food and proper hydration is also important;
  • Have we forgotten about hygiene? Pay particular attention to when bed linen was last changed, especially pillowcases. It’s also important to change towels regularly and wash them at high temperatures to kill germs;
  • Have we not noticed a worsening of mood, deterioration of health, menstrual cycle disturbances, etc.? Porridge on the face can be caused by hormonal disorders. If we answered yes to this question, it is urgent to see a doctor.

How to treat porridge on the face

We choose the treatment of porridge on the face depending on the cause of the appearance of this defect. When the culprit seems to be cosmetics, they should be discontinued completely from use. Similarly, when it comes to diet. If the porridge is the result of eating spicy foods, nuts or citrus fruits, we must also give up eating them. In the interest of a beautiful complexion, we should also limit the consumption of highly processed products, sweets and trans fats. Dairy products and gluten may also be allergenic.

Apart from giving up the allergen, porridge on the face should be handled properly. It is not recommended to squeeze and excessively dry facial lesions. There is also no point in overdoing it with excessive makeup. It is not enough that it does not cover porridge, but in addition it can aggravate the rash. During the period of fighting with face cough it is worth betting on mild cosmetics.

The first step should be a thorough facial cleansing – preferably twice a day. The next step is proper moisturizing. It is worth bet on a light, non-comedogenic product. In cosmetics designed to fight face cough look for vitamin E and tea oil. Retinoids, their plant equivalent, i.e. bacuchiol and niacinamide will also work great.

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