7 Mistakes Most of Us Make When Drying Our Hair

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Is your hair grey and dull? Does your hair look dull, limp and brittle? Perhaps it is because you did not dry your hair properly.

Beautiful and healthy hair needs the right treatment. Good cosmetics, the right blow-drying and styling equipment and a few tricks will keep your hair shiny and strong. There is no need to go to the hair salon every time you want your hair to look gorgeous. All you need to do is learn what hair care and blow-drying mistakes you should not make

Blow-drying your hair – what are the most common mistakes?

  1. Brushing your hair by force

Do you always brush your hair before blow-drying it? Don’t force your hair! When hair becomes tangled, some people try to comb their hair through at all costs. What is the result? A lot of unnecessarily pulled out hair. If you want your hair to detangle easily, use a conditioner. Alternatively, apply silk to the ends of your hair for extra protection. It is also a good idea to switch from a brush to a wide-toothed comb.

  1. Too Much Hot Air

Turning your hair dryer on full blast and using the hottest air possible may save you some time, but it’s bad for your hair. Wet hair that is treated with very hot air gets damaged and frizzy. Instead, give your hair a good blow-dry first with a soft cotton T-shirt and then blow-dry it with cool air. At the very end, raise the heat gently and smooth your hair over a brush before using cool air again to close the hair’s cuticles

  1. No Heat Protection for Your Hair

Unfortunately the air from your hair dryer has a big impact on the look and condition of your hair, so always use a heat protectant. A good quality heat protectant will prevent breakage, split ends and dryness.

  1. Blow-drying your hair upside down

It is a myth that blow-drying your hair upside down will significantly increase the volume of your hair. Blow drying your hair this way only makes your hair unsightly frizzy. Starting your hair dry from the back is also not the best idea. By the time you’re done drying the back of your head, the hair that’s in the front will have had time to dry and won’t be as receptive to the brush as it should be. So always start by drying the front section of your hair and you will see positive results.

  1. The Wrong Hair Dryer

If you want beautiful, smooth and shiny hair, forget about a hair dryer that is of poor quality. A good hair dryer is an investment that really pays off. Ideally, choose one with an ionization feature and where the airflow can change to cold. Also opt for a high wattage hair dryer (around 1800W). Your hair will not burn and your style will look like it came straight from the salon.

photo: Gratisography/ pexels.com
  1. Using a Hair Brush Incorrectly

When hair is very wet, it is much more susceptible to damage, so don’t reach for your hairbrush too early. Turn your hair dryer on medium power first and only after a while start using styling tools. This keeps the volume in your hair and protects your hair from damage. Also remember not to wrap strands of damp hair around the brush, to hold them in this position and to blow-dry them. The brush should always be in motion when styling.

  1. Wrong Airflow Direction

The blow dryer should be held in the right direction. Otherwise, your hair will be tangled and rough. If you want your hair to look perfect, hold your hair dryer so that the air stream is always directed in the same direction as the brush. This will give you great styling results and your hair will be smooth and shiny.

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Main Photo: Element5 Digital/ pexels.com

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