Does makeup really damage the complexion and accelerate wrinkles?

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There are many opinions that makeup damages the skin. This makes many women ask themselves Should I wear makeup? Do not wear makeup? Let’s dispel some myths about makeup

Makeup does not accelerate skin aging

This is one of the most commonly repeated myths. It is said that foundation clogs the skin, does not allow it to “breathe” and accelerates the formation of wrinkles, so we should not use it every day, and even more, it is discouraged for teenagers to paint themselves. This is not entirely true – in fact, it is not about whether we paint ourselves every day or on holidays, but about how we take care of our skin and how we cleanse it. It is bad skin care that leads to bad skin condition – it can cause clogged pores, inflammation, dryness, oily skin

Our biggest enemy is… inadequate cleansing. Everyone can fall asleep wearing make-up after a very tiring day – but we should avoid it like hell. At night our complexion should rest as well as we do – if we leave make-up residue on it, its regeneration will be hindered. Cleansing should be done every day, even if we do not wear makeup every day.

How to properly cleanse the skin? It depends on its type. However, we must remember about the iron rules – do not rub your eyes when removing makeup, do not rub your face (if you use a cleansing gel, spread it with gentle movements), do not be afraid of oils and oily substances for makeup removal and finally, it is necessary to properly moisturize the skin. Remember: a moisturizing cream or a moisturizing base should also be used before applying foundation – it will create a protective layer, thanks to which we will avoid dry skin

Make-up and acne

The matter gets a little more complicated when it comes to makeup for acne-prone skin. It is not true that putting away foundation will help cure acne. It is true, however, that oily skin, prone to pimples and imperfections, tends to be “clogged”, so heavy, opaque and matte foundations with silicones may negatively affect its condition. If you have an acne-prone complexion, it is worth reaching for slightly opaque BB creams or mineral foundations, which thanks to their zinc content have an antibacterial effect. The most important thing in case of acne skin is to focus on its care and cleansing – it is worth remembering that popular drugstore creams will not always be our best ally. It is best to visit a dermatologist, who will select cosmetics individually to the needs of our skin

Take care of your needs

It is not makeup cosmetics that negatively affect the condition of our skin, but inadequate care. If we want to take care of our skin comprehensively, we must first learn about its needs. We should determine whether our skin is dry, normal or perhaps oily Does it tend to clog or dry out? If so, what products dry it out? Once we have answered all these questions, we will be able to introduce the appropriate skin care and cosmetics. And don’t forget to clean your brushes regularly. Dirty makeup brushes are the number two enemy, right after inadequate cleansing and leaving makeup on overnight. Be sure to wash your brushes, sponges and applicators with products designed for this purpose, and replace them with new ones often – this will help you avoid inflammation that you can get when applying makeup with dirty accessories

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