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Shakira has been impressing for many years with her vocal talent and incredible beauty. Although the singer is 45 years old, she looks much younger. To what does she owe her youthful appearance? What is the secret of her beauty? We unveil all the secrets.

Vitamin C serum the way to a beautiful complexion

In an interview with American magazine InStyle, she confessed: “A good way to prepare my skin is to use vitamin C serum, it works wonders – especially when my skin is dehydrated.” We have to admit she’s absolutely right. Vitamin C has a firming effect on the skin, it also lightens discoloration, gives the complexion a healthy glow and protects against free radicals. In order for it to bring us the best results, we need to use its active and stable formula.

Due to its positive effects, vitamin C can be used at any age. It is especially recommended for people with gray, tired and damaged skin. If you are just beginning your adventure with this ingredient, invest in a cream first.  

Vitamin E – the “vitamin of youth”.

Another favorite skin care ingredient of Shakira is vitamin E, commonly known as the “vitamin of youth.” The singer applies it directly to her complexion: “If I have very dry skin, I also apply vitamin E – for example, I buy capsules from the drugstore and squeeze them directly onto my skin,” she says in an interview with the US-based InStyle.

Vitamin E, as a way to combat aging skin, has long been talked about by cosmetologists around the world. This substance moisturizes the skin and prevents water loss. It accelerates the regenerative processes of the epidermis and nourishes. If you are struggling with blemishes on your face, vitamin E will even out the color, brighten and soothe any redness and inflammation. After applying vitamin E to your face, your skin will become tighter, more supple and firmer.

Vitamin E can be used at any age, but people who have skin prone to irritation and sunburn should especially pay attention to it.

Makeup remover – without it, no skin care will succeed.

Shakira is well aware of the importance of daily makeup removal. It removes not only the makeup worn all day, but also excess sebum and dead skin cells. Only cleansed skin can regenerate, breathe and accept the next steps of skin care. It is best to perform a two-step cleansing. First, wash off makeup with a micellar liquid, for example, and then with a foam or gel. Then our skin will be deeply cleansed and prepared for the application of toner, serum and cream.

Proper sun protection

Shakira also reveals that she can’t imagine a day without applying sunscreen. She admits that when choosing the right product, she goes for the highest SPF protection available at the drugstore or pharmacy.

The main cause of skin aging is the sun, which is why it is so important to apply sunscreen not only in the summer, but all year round. Even on a cloudy day, UV radiation reaches us, which harms our complexion. If you want to look young and enjoy healthy skin, apply a cream with SPF every day, even if you don’t leave the house.

main photo: pixabay.com/Alejoturola

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