Acne map – check what pimples on different parts of the body can indicate

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Pimples on our skin are not only an aesthetic problem, but very often it is a signal from our body that something is wrong. What do the pimples appearing in particular places mean and when should we go to the doctor?

What can pimples on the body result from?

Skin changes in the form of pimples are a warning signal from our body that something is wrong. Pimples are mistakenly associated only with inadequate skin care or genetic predisposition. Bothersome skin changes can be a cause and a symptom of many diseases. Each imperfection has its own cause, so it is worth learning about the possible causes of pimples to be able to effectively prevent them and properly treat their cause.

What do imperfections on different parts of the body mean?

Unfortunately, many people are struggling with major skin problems caused by various diseases or simply bad skin care. Most people on the Internet recommend only specialized treatments and extensive skin care to improve the condition of the skin, but very often this does not help, because the cause of many eczema are acquired or genetic diseases, not just inadequate care. Therefore, if the obvious methods do not work on our imperfections, it is worth to get acquainted with the acne map. Depending on the different parts of the body, imperfections can be caused by different diseases.

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The cause of pimples appearing on the face can be not only allergies or bad skin care. Much depends on which part of our face imperfections appear. Those around the eyebrows and the upper part of the forehead usually indicate a poor diet or intestinal problems. Imperfections on the middle part of the forehead indicate fatigue and excessive stress. Those around the mouth and directly on the chin indicate problems with hormonal balance. Pimples appearing between the eyebrows may indicate serious liver problems, and those under the eyes signal kidney problems. If you cleanse your skin thoroughly and take care of your diet, but still experience skin problems, it is best to visit a doctor, for example a dermatologist, to diagnose the cause of your pimples.


Skin problems appearing on the back are usually a sign of a poor diet, so it is worth taking care of it, especially if we care about looking good. Poor quality clothing, excessive sweating and stress can also contribute to pimples on this part of the body. If we notice imperfections on our skin, it is worth first to check the quality of our clothes and arrange a balanced diet to follow. However, not only these factors can affect the deterioration of the skin. Imperfections on the back may also mean serious intestinal problems and food allergies and intolerances. Therefore, if we exclude the first factors it is best to check the proper functioning of our digestive system. For this purpose it is worth to go to a comprehensive examination of the digestive system.

The buttocks

The most common cause of imperfections on the buttocks is too tight and poor quality underwear. During movement this part of the body also sweats and if the sweat is not absorbed by the material of the underwear, troublesome and often painful blemishes can occur. The cause may also be a hypersensitivity to cold and excessive dryness of the skin, so remember to thoroughly moisturize this part of the body. The effects of a poor diet can also affect the condition of the skin in this area, so if you have a tendency to pimples, you should pay particular attention to nutrition.


The body on these parts of the body usually signals a significant shortage of vitamins. They can result from a poor diet or chronic illness. Often, the result of imperfections appearing on the arms is also allergies and typical skin diseases such as folliculitis. To find out the exact cause, it is best to visit a dermatologist or to perform a number of preventive tests, such as a vitamin test. Unfortunately, very often it is extremely difficult and time-consuming to eradicate pimples on this part of the body.

Appearing skin problems often indicate chronic diseases and problems in the body. Of course, pimples can also be caused by other factors such as allergies to washing powder or poor quality clothes that do not absorb the moisture of our body. If a serious disease is suspected, it is best to go for a comprehensive examination for diagnosis. It is also worth taking the advice of a nutritionist, who will arrange a balanced diet for us

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