Primer for nails – what is it, how does it work, how to use it?

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You love your hybrid nails, but you notice that despite professionally applied nail polish, its top layer quickly deteriorates, chips and comes away from the nail? It is very possible that the problem is insufficiently well prepared plate. Fortunately, there is a way out of it. The problem with poor durability of manicures can be solved by using a nail primer. What is it? What kind to choose and how to use it? Answers to these questions can be found in this article.

What is a nail primer?

Nail primer is nothing but a transparent liquid, which is used to prepare the natural nail plate for application of gel or acrylic manicure or hybrid nail polish. Its use is not a necessity and no manicurist will say that it is indispensable, but everyone will admit that it is a very functional product and simply useful.

nail primers it’s worth reaching for in order to enjoy exceptional durability of your nail design, so regular use is recommended especially for women who struggle with regular polish falling off.

What is the function of a nail primer?

The aesthetics of a hybrid manicure is determined not only by the quality of polish and base coat applied but also by the correct preparation of the nail plate for the application of specific layers included in the styling

Visual attractiveness includes also polish durability, which you can be sure of if you bet on a good nail primer. Its task is to maximize the durability of the manicure by cleaning each nail plate and increasing its viscosity, which allows for better adhesion of the layers applied in succession.

Nail Primer – Types

There are two types of nail primers available on the market. The first one is an acid-free primer, which can be called universal and milder. Its formula is created on the basis of ethyl acetate and can be used in practically any styling. It is very functional and definitely worth having on hand at all times. It is characterized by good absorbability and a relatively mild scent. However, it is completely different in the case of acid primer.

Just a second after opening the bottle with the acid primer you can smell its very sharp and unpleasant for the sensitive nose. What are the other differences? It is most often used when doing manicures with dry methods

Besides, as the name suggests, the product was created with the use of methacrylic acid, which determines its definitely greater strength. Therefore, the use of acid primer is recommended to women struggling with the problem of frequently chipping nail polish, because it is definitely stronger than its non-acidic brother. It acts as a double-sided tape, which determines the effectiveness of the fusion of the nail plate with the applied layers of gels or polishes.

How to use primer properly?

The use of primer does not require special preparation. You just need to take care of your nails as you always do. After cleaning the plates with a nail cleaner, it will be time to reach for the nail primer

Soak a brush in the liquid and then drain it well, pressing it to the neck of the bottle. It is very important, especially with acid primer, not to apply a lot of product. Just cover the nail surface with a thin layer and wait about 60 seconds for it to evaporate completely. A wide selection of high quality primers can be found in the store

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