Hair rubs – how do they work and how to make your own preparations?

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Beautiful and well-groomed hair is a source of pride for many women. However, many of us dream of making them longer, stronger and shinier. If you want to accelerate the growth of your hair and take care of its condition, a great idea would be to use hair rubs. You can read about their effects, rules of application and ideas for your own preparations in this article.

What is a hair rub?

Hair rubs are nothing more than liquid preparations, which usually have a watery consistency. They are most often sold in bottles with a dispenser or atomizer. They contain herbs and plant extracts and other boosters. Such a cosmetic should be spread over the scalp and rubbed in, while performing a massage.

When should you start using scalp rubs?

This type of cosmetic is always worth having in your makeup bag. However, you should be especially interested in buying a rub when you see clear problems with the hair or skin on your head. These include problems with hair growth and hair loss. Remember that this is a natural process, but it is not normal to lose hair in excess. Rubs also help a problematic scalp, with dandruff and oily scalp, as well as a scalp that is too dry. Such products also help in the fight for strong and thick hair. 

Advantages of using a hair rub

The primary task of a hair rub is to strengthen and nourish the hair roots. However, the most important is to massage the scalp. By massaging it in circular motions with your fingertips, you make the skin get more blood supply, and thus the hair grows faster. They are also stronger and better nourished. You’ll quickly notice that baby hairs, or tiny and fine new hairs, begin to appear.

The rubs also regulate sebum secretion and moisturize the scalp. They are a lifesaver for those struggling with its itching and flaking. Cosmetics of this type soothe irritation and prevent the formation of subcutaneous pimples on the scalp. In addition, they help get rid of dandruff, even recurring dandruff!

Make your own rub!

To get a scalp rub, you do not have to immediately go to the store or pharmacy. You can make such a cosmetic yourself! Here are a few recipes for DIY rubs. 

Fenugreek hair rub

To prepare a fenugreek rub you need a teaspoon of seeds of this plant. Pour it over an incomplete cup of hot water, then cool it down. When you’ve done this, strain the mixture, and pour the finished liquid into a bottle with an atomizer.

Horsetail and nettle rub

Its preparation is also trivially easy. Just combine a teaspoon of horsetail with a teaspoon of nettle. Pour a glass of hot water over the whole, then cool, strain and pour into a bottle. Done!

Aloe vera rub

This is an impatient that is great for moisturizing the scalp. To prepare it, you need good quality aloe vera juice. Dilute it with water and you’re done! You can pour the impurity into a bottle. 

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